Saturday, June 15, 2013

Diggin' Dinos 2013

Wow!  What a fast, fun week of Diggin' Dinos!
Because I uploaded these pics in reverse order,
we will start with Friday...
We ended our week with some fun prizes...
The pteranodon gliders were a hit!
Here we are flying our reptiles...

We also LOVED our Dino Masks!

The picture frames were so cute, too.

Don't you just love all the new ideas on PINTEREST?
Here in one of the new ideas we used this year...

Here is Mrs. Sauers helping with the picture frames...
This is Mrs. Belland reviewing ABC matching.

Here is a kiddo picking out her pteranodon...

And a whole pile of masks...

And, FINALLY, we got to pick our own egg to take home!

We were lucky to have 2 National Honor Society Kiddos helping us this week.
Here is Amelia running the "party favor" table.

On Thursday we were able to see the "fossils" we created on Wednesday...

On Thursday we also looked at 
We used chocolate chips and marshmallows to represent 
the different types of teeth....what YUMMY fun!
(and nice patterning practice)

This week also had plenty of time for play...
the kitchen was a favorite spot, 
even if it was inhabited by dinosaurs!

Reading is COOL!

This paleontologist just freed the dino bones frozen in the ice...
scroll down for the previous days ice/dino activity!

These are our big dinos that we painted with....
Balloons and a special paint called BIOCOLOR...

All week long we practiced writing our name like a Kindergartener.
We really made some nice progress!
If you are practicing at home (nod your head and say 'yes')
remind your k kid to start all letters toward the top, 
to use 1 capital letter and the rest lower case.
The kids are on their way to perfect practice of this important skill!

One of my favorite projects this year was these adorable
baby dino in an egg!
We used liquid watercolor applied with droppers.
How nice!

Here are pics of our 'fossil' making...
A little story about an unfortunate dino falling into a swampy pond (clay)
followed by a mud slide (plaster of paris)
and a bit of time and you've got a nice "fossil"

Here are the frozen bones we had to free!
What great dino diggers we are!

We also practiced a little with numerals.

And counting  to ten
(one to one correspondence)
using the cute song we learned this week.

Miss Belland loved to play with the dinos, too!

Here is Mrs. Sauers showing how to build an awesome 
log cabin!

We learned how to play a fun game using dino eggs.
We used colors or numerals to name the egg that the 
baby might be under.  What fun!

Because Miss Belland had to be with her sick Grandpa on Monday and Tuesday,
we were lucky to have Mrs. Murphy help us out!

Mrs. Sauers is showing kids how to make a dino necklace!

Amelia is reviewing all the letters in our names.

This is Ashton creating a "Dinosaur Dan" game for 
everyone to take home.

If you had a chance to peek into our room this week,
these are a few of the things you might have seen....
What fun!  We began Monday by following these footprints
into our classroom!

On Monday, we learned that dinosaur begins with D while
we made these cute D shaped Dinos!

Snack time was yummy!
Thanks for the snacks and beverages.

We got to try our hand at excavating our own dino!

More dramatic play....

We love love love the discovery table!

And we always had a painting station open.

Ashton helped with our number puzzle!

What a great week!
Thanks for sharing your little one with me!

I will see some of you for Bug Fun the last week of July/beginning week in August.
Be looking for an email later in the summer.

Mrs. O'Duggan

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