Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 14 Letter Bb, 'my', Polar Lands and Animals

Here we go!
We began our week with Thanksgiving Leftovers!
Here are our morning challenges from the beginning of the week:
Sequencing round 2...

Sorting food items according to shape...

Turkey ABC order...

The kiddos wanted me to take  a picture of their creation!

Oh, don't you just 
LOVE LOVE LOVE these penguins?
Another successful pinterest idea!

We opened 

I will get pics of the kids playing here.
Believe it or not, I LOST my phone
for a full 24 hours at the end of last week!
So, I apologize for the lack of pictures of  your little ones.
My hubby found my phone Friday evening...WHEW!
This dramatic play area is ADORABLE!!!!

Here are our new morning challenges:
Penguin Numeric Order...

Penguin Missing Number...

Penguin Beginning Sounds...

Here are Tuesday's Centers:
Brain Break Baking Center...

Penguin Counting on from 10...

Penguin Egg Beginning Sounds...

Read The Room Penguin Color Words...

Social Studies Station...Wants vs. Needs...

We are giving our Kindergarten monthly speeches
for our gingerbread family projects!
Remember the kiddos have to remember all 3 parts of a speech:
Intro, Body, and Conclusion.
They actually do AWESOME!
Here are a few of the kiddos with their special cookie that they shared about...

There are more gingerbread family projects coming!

Wednesday's Centers:
Brain Break "Foods I Like!" 

Penguin Writing Number Words...

Penguin Measuring with Ice Cubes....

Polar Bear Mystery Picture...
the kids had to color in specific parts of the hundreds chart to 
discover the hidden picture!

Read the Room Polar Bear Tallies...

We had two awesome treats on Wednesday.
Jonah brought his Tt treat from last week...better late than never!
We made little frosting Tt's on the Oreos...yummy!
And Hannah brought Buttery Crackers for Bb week.
Thanks, K Kids and Families!

Hold on to your hats...we are reading and putting together sentences!
Whoo Hoo!!!!
For this small group activity the kids had teams to put the words in order...well done!!!!

We brought out some new winter themed games this week.
This is a counting and login game with polar bears and penguins.
And here is a fishing for words game:

Well, I feel very sad missing two days of pics.
We did lots of fun learning including 
nearly wrapping up midquarter assessments!
Be looking for your child's report just before Christmas break so you can spend some time practicing those important skills!

Here are some of the books we read this week:
yep, I cried a little with this one!


Upcoming Week:
December 9-13
Reading: Letter Bb, sound for /b/, star word 'like', blending sounds into words!
Math: Comparing Numbers
Theme: Gingerbread!!!!!
Science: What are Earth's Materials?
Social Studies: People at Work

BIG NEWS: Book Orders are due Tuesday at 4:00 so we can
receive the order before Christmas break!  Thanks for ordering!

Please make sure your K Kid brings HATS, BOOTS, MITTENS, and a warm JACKET EVERYDAY...even if it looks like we won't be going outside.  They need to bundle up to get home!  Thanks!

Christmas Concert for K Kids:
Monday, December 16 1:30-1:50
Tuesday, December 17 6:30
Please see Mr.Harper's note concerning arrival times.

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