Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 1 Welcome to Kindergarten!

Oh My Goodness!
What a beautiful start to our school year!
Every week I will do my best to upload copious amount of pics from our days.

Here is a sneak peek at our day:
Morning Challenges...
(usually we are solving puzzles/playing games at our tables with our teammates, this week we explored math manipulativies)

Then we have morning opening, followed by Math Time, Phy.Ed/Music and then everyone's favorite time...
We have milk and crackers every day.
Please remember, in Kindergarten extra milk break snacks can be sent in if you send enough for the whole class. 
 I always plan on 20. 

After snack we have Independent Reading Time
(book time) followed by group time, and Language Arts.

When we return we have Calendar and Rest.
We end our day with Centers or a project or two.

On the first day we created these lovely little raccoons! 

We also painted a kissing hand for you!

 Mrs. Sauers works with everyone on journal pages!

And then....CHOICE TIME!!!!

 Before you know it, it is time to go home!

Wednesday we played this fun game,
FEED CHESTER, where we reviewed letter names.

Mrs. Sauers played a dice game...

Thursday's Morning Challenges were fantastic!

We began our button and shape themes...

 We are working hard on making our names like a capital, the rest lower case.
We had fun reviewing those skills with dot paint!


More choice time photos...

Friday's morning challenges we all solving uppercase to lowercase matching...


We practiced building a pattern during Math time...

 We made these adorable picture frames for you!

On Friday afternoon we created these little cutie patotie BEARS based on the book Corduroy!

Good Reads this week....

We can read these charts!

Here is one of our Morning Messages...

 These are a few of our learning stations...FUN!

 What?  Hey how did THAT get in there? Ha!
Here is next week's fun and learning:
Reading: Letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, and Ee
Math: Sorting and Classifying
Theme: Brown Bear
Science: Animals Have Body Parts
Social Studies: We Learn From Our Families

Book Orders are due on Tuesday, Sept 15

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