Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer School 2016 Diggin' DInos!

Happy Summer!
Welcome to Diggin' Dinos
Summer School for your almost 
kindergarten kid!

The format of our classroom blog usually follows this pattern:
 A brief update of each day
plus what's coming up next!

On Monday we created these adorable dinosaur masks!
(sorry, we missed someone!)

Snack time looks like a lot of fun!
Thank you for sending juice and/or a snack for us to share!

Here are some play time pictures: 

 There were lots of fun choices!

Here's a brief family note:
I took my youngest 3 kiddos to the Orpheum Theater on Monday evening to see
this entertaining genius, 
Neil deGrasse Tyson!

 Tuesday's stations included:
Dinosaur Dan color recognition fun with my daughter, Maeve!

 My table was painting an egg and a baby dinosaur.  We learned that dinosaurs were reptiles that layed eggs (oviparous!)

 These two helpers from Cardinal Club joined us:
Miss Olivia and Miss Jazmine!
They helped the k kids create these cute little dinosaur puppets...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these next photos!
We posed by the dinosaur world backdrop to have a picture for our photo frames.
We also learned that no people lived at the same time as the dinosaurs. 

On Wednesday, Miss Maeve helped us as we actually picked and brushed a skeleton out of plaster. We felt like real paleontologists!


Miss Jazmine guided us through a dino skeleton puzzle...

Miss Olivia helped us with those adorable photo frames...

My table was to use balloons and biocolor paint to make a dinosaur adult.
We learned that scientists really do not know what color dinosaurs were. So we can paint them any color we wish!

We also practiced a bit of kindergarten work.
This was abc order dot to dot...

 One of our favorite free choice areas is the playdo table...

We loved this sharing item: a real fossil!
We learned that Lewiston was once under a large sea!  We looked at the seashells that would have been thriving right here!
Thank you for sharing!

More snack time pics...

Thursday's stations included:
"If the dinosaurs came back..." journal page
(we journal a lot in Kindergarten!)

We also played a dice game and made an addition story, but I forgot to take a picture!

Miss Maeve's table was sorting dinosaurs into carnivore and herbivore... 

More playdo play...

Miss Jazmine helped with dinosaur name practice... 

 These two ladies are enjoying Miss Jazmine's poster...

 These two kiddos are reading the morning message!

Everyday at group time we play a game together.  Today's game was a "Mystery Letter" game.  The k kids did a great job matching to the correct letter sound!

Some of our GOOD READS from this week!
Check them out!

Sharing time has been a hoot...
what do you think he has in his backpack?
  Friday's stations included:
Creating a dinosaur book with Miss Maeve...

Making a dino glider with Ms. Tessa... 

Interpreting a graph with me!

Learning about dinosaur teeth with Miss Olivia and Miss Jazmine...

Plus a free gift! 
A dinosaur egg!

Thanks for a great week!
We will see many of you for Bug Fun
from August 1-5.
Enjoy your summer!

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