Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 Week 3 Pete the Cat, Letters Ff-Jj

Okay, just so you know your child's teacher was just 20 miles south of Canada at 4:00 pm on Sunday!
That's a new kind of crazy for us!
We are backpacking the entire 300 mile Superior Hiking Trail (in sections!)  This was my hubby's first hike since breaking his leg in July.  We only went 10 miles~my kind of hike!(as opposed to the 15-20 we usually do!)
I go for the Lake and rock picking!
So we made it back to Minnesota in the wee hours of the morning Monday...ready to hit the week with a smile!

Monday began with new morning challenges:
Shape sorting...

  Letter Matching...

Numeric Order...

I brought back "new" rocks for us to explore!

 On Monday we also did a FFFFFizzing Experiment for 
letter Ff and our first scientific experience!

 Baking soda and vinegar is almost magical!
 We also journaled "start with a feather" for letter Ff.
The kids are working on beginning sound and are doing quite well!

Here is our Ff page for our abc book...
We did a little catch up and made a BBBB Band Aid book from last week...cute!

Tuesday we Letter Gg day, we used GGGGreen and GGGGold GGGGLitter!

We also performed another science experiment called 
"Elephant Toothpaste"

We are really reading now!
We can read our charts...

 Tuesday was also Glow Stick day! 
What fun we had at rest...

 It was also GOOFY GLASSES Day!

 Tuesday's Centers included:
Brain Break Science Mixing....

 Brown Bear Letter Matching...

Brown Bear Graphing... 

 Brown Bear Color Words...

 Oh, Our leader LOVES the chart!
 We had  goldfish for a snack...
 This lovely lady also brought Ff fruit snacks yesterday but I forgot to take a picture, sorry!

We are reading environmental print!

Thanks for helping your child with the "What Doesn't Belong" Math Homework!  Look for pics of all of them in a Lucky Duck book coming home soon!

 Wednesday was Hh day!
This kiddo brought HoHos!
 The science table is a hit at choice time!

We made Pete The Cat!

 And here they are decorating the hallway!
Thursday brought new morning challlenges:
Bear ABCabc matching...

 Color Puzzles...

 Brown Bear Numeric Order...

 This little lady brought IIIIIIced Animal Crackers for our Ii snack!
 We played a joke on each other...
"I have my I on you!"
 Thursday's centers included:
Pete the Cat Counting and Numerals...

Pete the Cat Playdough Mats...

 Pete the Cat dice game...

 and Pete the Cat Color Words...

We are slowly getting our ABC Across America in the mail.
We mailed 25 Mm for Moose across the country and are excitedly checking our mail daily for new letters!

 This k kid brought JJJJJello for our Jj day snack on Friday!

Here's our Jj picture in the abc book:

We had a popcorn party to celebrate the Kindergarteners getting to 10 points on our ABC Game that we play daily!
We even invited Mrs. Pilger's over to share!
Thank you, Dannika and Karina, for the popcorn!

 Good Reads this week...
And now for the week of September 26-30:
Reading: letters Kk, Ll, Mn, Nn, and Oo
Our first star word 'I'
Rhyming, opposites, beginning sounds
Math: Position words (left and right are the hardest)
Theme: Fall themes , begin apples,too!
Science: Our World
Social Studies: Leaders at home and school
Next week is Homecoming Week!
We are celebrating by dressing in a different color each day:
Homecoming items can be purchased BEFORE school. 
Talk to your little one about this as they will not be able to go to the office once the bell rings to purchase items. 
The high school kids who are selling those items are already gone by that time.

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