Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting Ready

Well, this is it, Folks! The end of summer break for me and most other teachers in Minnesota.
I spent my last week and weekend well!

Several days last week I popped in my classroom for a few hours (OK, 8 hours on Thursday, but really just a few hours the other days) I really feel ready to go but I also know 3 days of workshops will change that!

Friday was spent stocking up on groceries for the kiddos while I am at work and making 5 lovely chaplets (you know, those flower wreaths princesses wear on their heads) for The Ren Fest......

....on Saturday which was absolutely wonderful!  We met Melissa's mom and loved her! For those of you new to my blog and crazy family, Melissa is our oldest boy, Graham's girlfriend who teaches 1st grade in the metropolitan area.  We all adore her!  This was her first Ren Fest!!!!

Sunday I used up one and a half laundry baskets of apples!  Applesauce, caramel apple ice cream sauce, one big beautiful apple pie and some little ones, dried apples, and apple oatmeal cookies kept me busy until right about now!  I love harvest time!  But who's going to wash all those dishes???

Looking forward to this next week not because of the many meetings or  paperwork or even free breakfast and lunch on Monday....because after it is all over, the new school year begins!!!!!!

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  1. I can't believe it's back to school time already!



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