Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Beginnings

Coming soon~Kindergarten updates!
It seems impossible, but another summer is wrapping up!
Hope you were able to enjoy our big, beautiful sunny and warm world with your little one(s)
Here are a few of the O'Duggan's adventures this summer:
  • living history working weekend here on our hobby farm~the "Johndezvous"
  • My husband's mom moved in .....again
  • raised a baby robin, tadpoles, chicks, baby goats, kittens all with varying degrees of success
  • Prairie du Chien roadtrip
  • began "Kid Kuisine" program assigning each kid a day to plan, prep,cook,clean-up (with help, of course)  Very yummy summer (not saving on grocery expenses,however)
  • visited local beaches~Latsch Island, Chester Woods, Whitewater, HokSiLa (Near Lake City)
  • caught (and released) fireflies
  • picked gallons and gallons of strawberries (need plants? contact me!)
  • spent 4th of July weekend in the Dells with ALL 6 kids +Chris and Melissa and Baby Wren...We are 11 now!!!!!!!!
  • RV'd to Indianapolis and Madison 
  • watched meteor shower and northern lights (well, we looked for them anyway)
  • hung out in the hammock, deck, "cat porch", garden, 
  • finished 5 books...began Lord of the Rings on my Droid (11% done...LOVE that function on Kindle)
  • watched ALL of the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Community series (July was soooo hot, felt good to veg in front of the fans)
  • began a new chicken and doors from the ReStore
  • cut, hauled, stacked wood (lost 3 very old very large trees in a wind storm)
  • got our first official burning permit
  • still cutting, hauling. stacking wood
  • taught 4 weeks of summer school
  • Nelson ice cream 3 times (Rum Cherry AND Maplenut)
  • Lanesboro road trip
  • Mother-in-law moved out.....again
  • celebrated 5 of 6 kids' birthdays...Lee's is in December
  • Spa day for Sorcha and Ellie, her best friend
  • Laser Tag!
  • found 2 letterboxes (check out  and  We are getting close to finding 100!
  • Ren Fest in Shakopee and King Tut at Science Museum coming up!
I'd love to hear your adventures!

Soon we will have many K updates here so stay tuned!
See many of you at Open House on Wednesday, August 31 from 4-7

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  1. oh don't forget the farmers' market!
    And visiting Lee in Mankato...taking him the van as he was broadsided...again!



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