Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bug Fun Summer School 2012

Wow!  What an awesome, busy, fun week we have had!
We learned about BUGS...insects and other creepy crawlies.
We learned about lady bugs ...
after learning that lady bugs eat aphids , one of the kiddos chimed
"Hey, ladybugs are like SUPER HEROS!"  I love my job!

We also learned about bees, fireflies, flies, and caterpillars.
We learned  science words like:

We learned that bugs can have any number of legs
but insects have 6 legs.

We are scientists, I tell you!

Here we are painting our lady bug poem:
I love having kids illustrate literature!
Play do bug fun....

Playing with wedge its

Designing our bug boxes...

Playing in the bug discovery table:
rocks, leaves, plastic bugs, and letter beads

Our completed bug boxes....

Magnifying glasses

Book Time

Grandma Rita came to help us 2 days

The independent painting station was popular!

Bee table...Making characters for the bee poem

These are the cutest little bees ever!

Hot glue projects are great for fine motor skills,
listening skills, and reasoning skills....

This little cutie dressed for the day!

One of our science tables....

Lightening bugs

Fly swatter spelling~we worked on first and last names
BIG fly swatter spelling....

A BUG PIE???!!!!

We painted with FLY SWATTERS...outside of course

Welcome sign...
Here we are getting our "brushes" ready....

and "SWAT!!!"

We watched a TumbleBook or United Streaming 5 min "book" 
during snack time.  We will be doing this during the school year, too.
This quiet listening time gives us a chance to eat without rushing...
Plus the educational and fun video books feed our brain!

Here we are posing for our picture frames!

Tadadada!  We solved our firefly challenge together!

Love this pic of two friends heading down the hill to play.
We tried to get outside everyday.

Love Love Love these buggy frames!

These little fellas are always a hit!

We tried our hand at journaling...
We fed our very hungry caterpillar but 
"he was STILL hungry!"

Friday Fun!  

Sun catchers and glitter glue....can't go wrong!

We were scientists as we discovered the similarities and differences
between several type of bugs.

One of our daily charts...

Playing with our roly poly bugs...
Hope they made it home safe!

My little "spiders" climbing up the "web"
Thanks for a great week!

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  1. I would like to be in your class! Do you take 25 year olds?



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