Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rain Forest Animals 2 ...2012

What an awesome, fast, fun, and educational week we had!
We learned about the layers of the rain forest as well as some of
the animals that call it home.
Snakes, lizards, bats, big bugs, and tropical birds
were a few of the highlighted animals.

Here is a peek at our week...

We learned that snake belly scales are called scoots!

Playing while waiting our turn at a station

Our lovely little snakes

Dot painting our spiral snakes 
a lego creation!

Thanks for a great assortment of snacks this week!

rain forest animals sorting

star word review with chameleons...FUN!

creating a lizard

They were so much prettier when they dried but I forgot
to snap a picture....

up close shot of our star word review

we learned that chameleons are cool!
Did you know they change color when they are angry,
sick, hungry, seeking a mate;but not to hide?
The largest chameleon is as big as a cat.
The smallest can balance on your pinkie!

 using our imaginations

We learned that many kinds of bats live in the rain forest. 
Painting the 4 layers of the rain forest:
emergent,canopy, understory, forestfloor

Grandma Rita surprised us!
She stayed to help with ~at word families and a dice game.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these furry little bats!

Erica's dad had some fun with us on Big Bug Day!

picture frame work

Build-a-Bug workshop

Playing while waiting

These next pics are of us posing
for our picture frame picture

Here they are!

parts of an insect

our little monkey mascot 

our measuring activity
How much will our chameleon grow?
Scroll down to see through Thursday....

Playdo fun!

 it's a JUNGLE in there....animal log book of sorts
 Friday was Big Beautiful Bird Day!
We each took home a bird whistle....sorry, folks!
Thank you for a wonderfully successful week!
Best of Luck in 1st Grade!
(Be sure to pop in once and awhile to say 'hi')

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