Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Week of Kindergarten or "Hey, I didn't know I could read!"

Well, we did it!
Week number 1 in Kindergarten is in the history books~
and what a nice week it was!

Here we are on the first day at table activities...

And this is a shot of morning meeting...

Kissing hand painting

Here we are working on our 1st Day Shape Book:
One kiddo chimed,
"Hey, I didn't know I could read!" 

Rest time is a nice relaxing time for us.
We do not have to sleep, only be quiet and still 
reading books or snuggling with our rest buddy.

Oh, I LOVE this new first day project...Chester Raccoon from
The Kissing Hand
(Oh, the millions of things we could do 
compliments of Pinterest )

Oh, yes, this is what I saw on the way home the first day of school...

On Day 2 we painted our color bears....
our first painting lesson using circles and lines

We did a whole group reading project
using Brown Bear pics...
Our homework was a follow up to this nice activity.

Thursday found us painting again,
this time our large colorful bears for the hallway...

This is a sneak peak to a fun class book we made on Friday
about buttons....belly buttons is the funny ending!
Each kiddo  will have a chance to bring home and share
our class books that we create....we call them LUCKY DUCK books.
When your child gets one, please read it with them,
sign and date, and have your K Kid vote.
There is page on the inside cover for all of those steps.
Last year we created 98 LUCKY DUCK books 
representing our writing, sounding out, math, and reading skills.
Have fun and enjoy!

Yes, we do the pledge daily...
Your k kid will be able to recite it soon!

These next few pics are of our first project where we chose a place to work...
The kids did themselves enough room,
cleaning up, and taking care of their tools!

And here are our finished projects...
our large, colorful bears for the hallway!

On Friday, we also read about and created our own cute!

We also had a little time for independent reading.
I am hoping to begin DAILY 5
a strategy for reading skills.
We will use a wonderful word, 
when it comes to reading...
for K, it means reading a little more everyday...

Here is our gift to you...
(sorry it is upside down)
 A CUTE AS A BUTTON frame...

We ending our work week with a great game
called TAPE NOSE...
You can see how we begin, all with a bit of tape on our noses...
 It is only going to stick to ONE kiddo...

 Our first bulletin board we worked on together...
We ARE a family!

Week of September 10-14
Language Arts....Rhyming
Math...(\beginning a brand new series!) Sorting objects
Theme....Nursery Rhymes
Book orders are due on Tuesday, September 11.

All of the k kids will be assessed this week with our AIMSWEB testing.  
You will see their results at conferences in November.

Please call, stop in, or write anytime!

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