Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Fall Update

Soooo....I do have a family!
It seems the beginning of the school year is so hectic
that I only see my family on weekends...
I know I see them every evening 
but like most families,
our time just flies by!

Here the girls and I are sporting our fezes from a Halloween store in La Crosse...
Any Dr. Who fans out there?

My hubby and I went letterboxing in Winona...
checkout this great family (or couple) activity at
This one is hidden at the Wilkie site.
If you want more info on this great hobby,
contact me, I love to share!
(we have found nearly 100)

We have 4 adorable kitties ready for forever homes...
If interested, you know where to reach me!

Harvest time!
Thanks to the generosity of Rod and Shelly
I put up 25 quarts of tomato!

Seriously, Folks, these are the most cuddly kittens ever!
You know you want one...

Fionn is practicing his trombone outside...
wonder how long into the winter months he can keep this up?

Here are my three youngest waiting for the bus....with Pippin!

This is why we are always out of dog food....

My sister,Stacy, and my niece, Jaden, came for a visit.
They were in Rochester letterboxing!
 Jaden's 3 pups loved the kitties and the much to smell and chase!

Sorcha has been practicing fancy braiding...
I LOVE it!

Are you sitting down for this?
John was actually working on the chicken coop!
It's been over a year since we began...
I am hoping those beautiful french doors ($15 ReStore) are in before snow flies...

Finally, here is our sad sad sad grape harvest...
If you know of anyone who isn't using their concord grapes,
I would love to trade them a basket of grapes
for some tasty grape jelly!

My oldest three kiddos seem to be doing well, too...
Shae has taken to skyping with me at school around 4...she is sure to reach me there.
Check out her blog to see more pics of this cutie pie,my Grandbaby Wren!
Sorch and I will be driving down to Indianapolis during MEA break.
Hopefully we can swing in to see Lee in the Dells on our way through.
Then on November 1st, Maeve and I are flying to Atlanta to visit with Graham and Melissa.
Told ya my life is crazy!
Happy Fall!

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