Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Orchard Day!

We began our day with a gorgeous crisp Autumn morning!
21 eager volunteers, 
45 excited kindergarteners,
4 happy teachers
 loaded onto 2 buses to take the nearly hour drive to.....
 Ferguson's Morningside Orchard!

Here we are waiting for milk break and Farmer Tom...
 The rope was a hit!


 Farmer Tom!!!!!!
 Farmer Tom is taking us to the tractors for a wagon ride!

Our bus drivers~George and Tom

and we are off!

past the teepees...
 through the corn...
 to the apple trees!
 Farmer Tom is teaching us all about apple trees!

We got to pick our very own apple!

 (sorry to Eli, somehow you got away from apple picture time!)

Heading back to the farm...

Lunch Time!

Three smiling teachers!

After we cleaned up from lunch, we had play time!
 The pedal cars were a hit!

The apple spinner was so much fun!

Jumping off the hay pile was crazy fun!

Teepee time!

And of course everyone LOVED the animals!

This sign makes me laugh!
It is under the goat high bridge!

 Here is one last shot of this great farm...
If you wish to take your family for this lovely autumn experience,
it is located between Centerville and Galesville, 
just 2 miles off Hwy 35.

When we returned we headed right down to the parade route 
for the Homecoming Parade!
Mr. Riebel was the crossing guard!
 Two girls waving their cardinals that we put together
before we left for the orchard!

And finally, here we are waiting for the parade.
I'd say it was a great day!

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