Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Family Happenings: Grandbaby fix

Disclaimer: Tons of pics of one of the cutest toddlers EVER!
During our Education Week break, Sorcha and I drove 600 miles to 
Most of the pics are in reverse order again...so we begin with the end!
We  visited the Indianapolis zoo...It was ZOO BOO
so Wren got to wear her skeleton costume
that we made (page down for pics)
Wren loved the penguins.

She also LOVED the sharks!

One on my favorite areas was the aviary...
we got to actually go inside with the birds!
 There were 100's of budgies!

The Indianapolis Zoo is beautiful!

Here we are UNDER the dolphin aquarium

This little sweetie is ALWAYS moving...
most of the photos of her are blurry...sorry!

 Just checking out the spider webs.

Sorcha and I took a little side trip to southern Indiana
during one of Wren's naps.

We found this awesome letterbox that was hidden by
a grave RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of a country road!
How spooky fun is that?

Here I am at the foot of the grave...see the road on both sides?

The story goes that this lady who died in the 1800's was buried
in her favorite spot overlooking a stream and a meadow.
Eventually others were buried there and it became a local cemetery.  After many many years the county wished to 
create a road through the cemetery, exhuming all the bodies. 
 Her great-great grandson
refused to let anyone touch her grave and stood guard over it 
with a rifle fending off the workers.
They eventually built the road around her.
Legend says SHE is resting in peace but her 
Grandson still haunts the grave making sure no one disturbs it.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so close....

Coolest road sign I've ever seen.

Love this pic of Wren's little hand in mine...
Lunch at the pumpkin patch/apple orchard....MMMMM!

Here we are at the pumpkin patch/apple orchard

Shae and Chris's 2nd baby is due December 31!

We made Wren's costume...my little cutie skeleton!
Here she is admiring herself!

Wren is in Tippy Toes dance class.
She is such a good direction follower even though 
she is only 18 months old!

I am a lucky Grandma! 
My little granddaughter LOVES to get
Look at what we made!
Sparkle leaves and Halloween wreaths!

Another thing I love is letterboxing
(yes, you've probably already figured that out by reading these posts!0
Here we are letterboxing in Greenwood, Indiana in the rain!
It was just outside a very tasty PIZZA PLACE
(another thing I love!)
so we didn't mind getting a little wet as we dried off  while eating!

Here is Sorcha and Wren...Sorch looks sooooo much like Shae at this age!

The first night with Wren, she was a little shy.
I bribed her with chap stick!
It worked! And her lips are so soft and shiny!

Goodbyes are always so hard.
The only thing that keeps me running right back to Indianapolis are
these clowns! (and the ones at home!)
On the way back to Minnesota, we stopped by Wisconsin Dells to visit Lee.  
Look who else was there! 
He flew in for the Badgers game and his flight was cancelled so we got to see him, too!

Thanks for making it through all these adorable pics!
My next adventure?
Maeve and I are leaving for ATLANTA on Thursday
to spend the weekend with Graham and Melissa!
Mystery Theater, Comedy Improv, and maybe the Aquarium are planned.
And letterboxing...there must always be letterboxing!

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