Friday, October 26, 2012

A Walk in the Woods or a Death Defying Hike UP a Dangerous Bluff without Proper Equipment....

I know, I came here looking for GRANDBABY pics...they are coming as soon as I get caught up on a few other adventures!

During a beautiful Autumn Sunday a few weeks ago, we loaded everyone up and headed to the Dells to spend some time with Lee, who works and lives there.

 I thought it would be a lot of fun to find some letterboxes in Devil's Lake State Park
near Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Yep, Here I am before.....
 and AFTER....

Okay, maybe it wasn't THAT bad (yes it was)
Here is the way UP...

It was "only" a half took us (me) and HOUR!
Here the boys are resting in a cave waiting for me.
They did a lot of that, waiting for me.

Maeve and Sorcha LOVED this hike!
Still picking our way UP UP UP
Hey, why do THOSE people have rock climbing equipment?

Yep, still UP....

Tadada!  We made it!

I am pretty happy to be alive.
The rescue helicopter was there 
(not for me...although I asked John if we could phone ahead next time and have one waiting)

  But WOW what a view!
 Yep, Lee did great!
There are two easier routes up if you ever go. 

Fionn looks a little worse for the wear but he DID it!

And here is our prize...a letterbox!
check out and/or for more info

Now, remember how harrowing it was going up?
Well, we had to GO DOWN that bluff...
which was actually worse!
We did not take the path as I KNEW I would be embarrassing myself 
by having to scootch down on my pockets.
There were too many other hikers for that route.
I couldn't have them laughing and possibly falling to their deaths as they chuckled at me.
So we found an "alternate" path.
MORE STRAIGHT DOWN! we descending this CLIFF
we came across hikers using rock climbing equipment.
What a hike!

But so much fun and so many memories!
Oh, ya, I ripped the pocket right out of my pants.
And suffered road rash on my left butt cheek for an entire week.
The End.

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