Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 8: TUVWX, Popcorn Party, Spiders, and Skeletons

Quote of the week:  As one kiddo was helping another finish our skeleton project:
"It's OK, we all need a little help once in awhile!"
Aren't they sweet!

Here's a couple of pics from Week 7:
Pompom cheers from letter Pp day!

Beautiful  baby owls

Week 8:
We created these skeletons on Friday...
This was a difficult project but the kiddos did great!
(see above quote!)

We worked together to create this real x-ray skeleton!

 The kiddos loved measuring themselves to see who was taller!

These two kiddos worked to put our skeleton together!

More skeleton projects

We finally got into the computer lab!

Ghost counting morning challenge

Bat ABC order morning challenge

Bat numerals Morning Challenge

Thursdays center included:
Brain Break area...Halloween puzzles

Halloween Roll a 2 Digit Number
(High level skill for our experts...Mrs. Benke helped to name and find numbers)

Fall Patterns AB
Ghost Numbers

More brain break work:
They just think they are having down time...they really are learning while they are having fun!

We also had a Ww project:
Washing away our water color witch!
Funny story: we were going to let Mother Nature
wash away our witches with the pouring rain..
after we got bundled up and headed out,
the rain STOPPED!
Plan B: We sprayed our witches away with a spray bottle!

Spiders EVERYWHERE was a fun day:
We created cute little pompom spiders during centers
for a fun song "Spider on the Floor"

Here the spiders are on our legs...
and on our stomachs....
our necks....

Another spider center was 
Spider Count

Here we are making those pompom spiders!

This is our letter sorting center
bdgpq were the focus as they are the hardest to tell apart

More spider counting....

This was a fun game called Spider Bite/Poison Spider.

Another fun spider center was web beginning sounds...

Mrs. Benke helped here on Tuesday.

Our final center was Spider Dots Counting.

Didn't you just love these cute little scarecrow pins?
It was another left over K+  project from last year.

Here we are painting our Giant Scarecrows!

Finally, on Monday the kids had their 
The got 15 points in the ABC game that we play everyday!
We watched part of 
Zaboomafoo Scary Animals with the Kratt Brothers

Some great Fall sorting was happening at our sensory table!
We did change it out for Halloween Toys...we will get pics soon.

Beginning of the week Morning Challenges included:
Jack O'Lantern ABC order

Owl Numbers

And Letter Sorting
Are the letters a "giraffe", "monkey", or "hen"?
Ask your kiddo how to tell the difference.

Some of our favorite books this week:
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything Spider on the Floor Ten Timid Ghosts 

Week of October 29-November 2
Reading: letters Yy and Zz, rhyming, and beginning sounds
Math: continue with Zero through Five Unit and some Halloween Math
Theme: Halloween, Bats, Pumpkins

Big News: Monday is our next K-Switch-A-Roo Day!
In Mrs. Kalmes' room the kiddos with be creating a spider web, 
In Mrs.Pilger's room we will be making a ghost,
and in our room we will be reading about and putting together a HALLOWEEN CAT!

Fun Fun Fun!

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