Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 9 Halloween Fun, bats, and yz

On Wednesday we had our Halloween Party!
Thanks to the superhero volunteers who put this on  for us!
We played a dice game with Gabby's mom...

Here's our craft table with Andrea, who will be helping us out for a few weeks!

Melia's mom played pin the skull on the skeleton with us!

And Eli's mom played a pumpkin tossing game with us!

Willow's mom helped at the craft table for awhile!

Thanks for coming and planning such a great party!

 Here are few snapshots of the fun we had.....

Oh, yah, and me as a mama panda!

Mrs. Kalmes stopped in with her k kids for a quick parade!

Mr. Riebel as Sergeant School

Mrs. Reska as a spider lady

and Grandma Rita as a nice Grandma pumpkin!

Morning Challenges for the end of the week were...
Putting HAPPY HALLOWEEN in order...

sorting out Halloween words....

and ghostly numeric order!

Oh, if you get the chance, our artwork is up at the high school for
Taste Of Cardinal Country, to be held Thursday evening...

We only had one round of centers with week due to HALLOWEEN 
and end of the quarter assessments.

The centers are...
Halloween 10 frames hunt...

Monster  measuring....

and writing Halloween Words!

The BRAIN BREAK table included creating these gorgeous pumpkins!

Centers in action.........

Hree are random shots of learning time:
Reading the BOO book with a witchy finger



ABC Game all time favorite!

Computer Time

Reviewing with Ms. Belland 

Taking care of folders


Oh, how the k kids LOVED those BAT HATS!

Mr. Skeleton has had some very interesting configurations this week!

Monday we had our SWITCH-A-ROO day!
In Mrs. Pilger's room we created these awesome GHOSTS!
I love love love handprint projects!

We created Halloween Cats and read a great poem about them, too!

We made these great mummies during seat work time on Monday...
These kiddos really know how to work!

Here's the project from Mrs. Kalmes' room...
A spider web!

Here we are getting painty and glittery!
(my favorite things to do!)

I know I just got back from Indianapolis, 
but tonight my daughter, Maeve, and I
leave for a quick trip to Atlanta Georgia to visit my son, Graham,
and girlfriend (hopefully FIANCEE soon...HINT HINT) Melissa.
4800 miles in 2 weeks!
Geez, never dreamed I'd be traveling like this!

Mrs. Brown will be our sub...the kids haven't had one yet, but I am sure they will do great!


Next week's happenings include:
Reading:  Letter Ss, sound for /s/, printing Ss
plus sentences (being aware of capital letter in front and ending punctuation)
Math: Numbers: Zero to Five
Theme: Night Time
Science: What are Living and NonLiving?
Social Studies: Describing our land.

See you in 3600 miles!

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