Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 10 Space, Ss, and Stars

Wow!  What a fast, fun, short week we had!
We are up to 2 days of Learning Centers now.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 
after  rest we have 4 stations to visit.   
At this time of year we are using a 
revolving table system.

Here the kiddos are recording ASTRONAUT beginning sounds:

Because we work soooo hard during this hour of practice,
I try to set up a brain break table.
On Tuesday, it was this gorgeous 
OUTER SPACE glitter play dough from Pinterest:

The kiddos LOVED it!

We are lucky to have Andrea Daley
helping us for a few weeks.
Her table was a creative SAND ART table!

A perennial favorite is searching for tens frames.
The kiddos clip board up and head out the find the stars!

The ABC Book was finished and went home last week.
I am working on a page that highlights each letter...
stay tuned!

Our room has been transformed into an 
I LOVE the imagination of our K Astronauts!
The discovery table is loaded with 
star dust and moon rocks!

The kiddos learned  how to draw stars!
It was the best day ever!
Here is the little story we tell to get our stars:
1.Draw a mountain.
2. Cross the mountain
3. Cross the mountain again
4. Go back home

Easy as (moon) pie!
Success feels soooo good!

We had a mini-writers' workshop with Andrea.
She helped the kiddos with 
"Star Light, Star Bright wishes"
The Halloween Book.

The kids are pretty good at solving puzzles!

Out of this world ABC order!

Outer Space Words

And Numeric Ordering Stars
They really do get excited when they solve these
challenges together!

Our math concept of ways to make 4 and 5
proved to be a tough one!
Here are the manipulatives we used to SHOW
different ways to make the numbers 2-5
Can you see the pattern?
The green blocks represent ways to make 4:
4 and 0
3 and 1
2 and 2
1 and 4 (I see that one is missing)
0 and 4
WOW!  What a high level skill!

Thursday's  centers included:
Continuing with Sand Painting with Andrea

Which is More Stars and Moons

Rhyming Rockets
Does it Rhyme? Color Yes or No

And finally a good old fashioned
messy art project!
Star picture frames

The sand art really did turn out nice.
Remember, this class is helping to use up 
extra supplies from our Kindergarten Plus Program
which used to be on Wednesdays.
Lucky Ducks!

These little frames sure turned out cute!

Week of November 12-16
Reading/Language Arts: letter Mm, sound for/m/, beginning sounds
sentences begin with capital, end with ending puncuation.
Math: Six through Ten
Theme: Various: space theme, Fall themes, Thanksgiving themes
Science: What do living things need?
Social Studies: Our Worlds's Water

BIG NEWS: Conferences are Tuesday and Thursday. We are looking forward to talking with you about your k kid!

ALSO: With colder weather upon us, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT to write your family's name in ALL ARTICLES of clothing your child might remove during the day...including coats, sweatshirts, mittens, hats, boots...the lost and found GROWS to astonishing heights each year but if your kiddos name is on a lost item 
you will stand a better chance of having it returned.


  1. You are an amazing teacher, Marcia. I love seeing what y'all do every week!

  2. Thanks for the kuddos! YOU are on awesome teacher in an AWESOME of luck for the thing we are not supposed to talk about (not the one involving a ring..the one involving your job!) BTW: he asked how to get your ring size without asking you again...6? 6 1/2? He couldn't remember....



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