Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 11 letter Mm, star word 'see', turkeys, and an art lesson!

Please click on the ABC book page above to see a pic of each page

 I have been remiss in sharing our book titles with you the past few blogs.
Here are a some of our favorites from the past couple of weeks....
  Seal's Silly Sandwich: Letter S Monday's Miserable Monday: Letter M   
Stars! Stars! Stars! Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me Goodnight Moon
T Is for Turkey I'm a Turkey! A Plump and Perky Turkey

We went to the computer lab this week and played this awesome game:
Have fun playing at home!
The Kids LOVED it at school!

Our centers last week included these adorable button Indian corn!
We even made one for Mrs. Benke for her birthday!


Another center was roll and trace scarecrow star words...
my like see I a    were highlighted

Autumn word work was a hit!

Candy Corn Addition was a high level skill...
some kiddos are ready for this fun activity!

Colorful Crows COLOR words was also a nice center.
Color words have been our focus this week.

During group time we looked at WORD FAMILIES.
The  at family and the an family were our focus.

In Social Studies we were looking at the Earth's water.
Here is a kiddo checking out our big beautiful planet's oceans.

Oh, doesn't this activity look yummy?
Be looking for a lucky duck book 
with our candy corn math stories.

Out of the World space words!

OH MY!  We hit the 50th day of K already!
Here is Zero the Hero who comes to celebrate with us on the
days that end with zero!

Turkeys Turkeys Turkeys!
We learned a lot about these birds this week.
We created these great nonfiction books 
about turkeys.

On Tuesday we had our last round of 
Outer Space centers.
Here is Space Shape sorting...

Josie's Grandma stayed and helped us with our
Space Stamping/Writing Center.
This is our Star 10s frame search...

This stamping and writing center was a hit!

Rocket Numeral Recognition was another center.

Robot Reading really made us think!
Nice decoding those words!

More pics of space shape fun fun!

Do you see this gorgeous painting?
Josie's Grandma was our guest teacher on Tuesday.
She showed us how to paint like artists!

Odell Portz is an art teacher from Rochester.
Here she is showing us how to begin our drawings.

THANK YOU SO much,Odell!

On Monday we really MADE A MESS for Mm day!
This is shaving cream!
We drew shapes, wrote letters and words, 
practiced numbers, and just plain old played.
Plus it made the tables nice and clean for conferences!
A win-win situation!

Here is another reason why I love this class...
this is an activity they designed during free choice,
they sorted by letter any thing they could find,
cards, pictures, etc...what smarties!

Here are a few of our fabulous turkey family projects!

In this short week  in Kindergarten we will be very busy!
Reading: Letter Rr, sound for /r/, beginning sounds,
 uppercase and lowercase matching.
Math: Numbers 8-10
Theme: Thanksgiving, Turkeys, Stone Soup
Science: Where do animals find food?
Social Studies: Seasons bring change

Enjoy your family!
Homework: Be looking on Wednesday for a recording sheet
for your kiddo to record how they helped you during the  
Thanksgiving Holiday...enjoy their help!
And you may use this shamelessly in your favor!

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