Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 18: Letter Vv, star word 'to', and life at the BEACH!

Oh, My! I love this time of year in Kindergarten!
We are off to the beach!

Here are some of the interesting books we looked at this week...
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom]A House for Hermit Crab Vera Viper's Valentine: Letter V Tiny Mermaid's Hide and Seek Adventure
 Humphrey the Lost Whale: A True Story  Baby Whales Drink Milk
Before we began our beach unit,
we wrapped up many of our winter activities.
Here are a few Morning Challenges:
Icy ABC Order....

Snowflakes 123 order...

And of course, we can't forget to solve

Our Math has taken us to a 
wonderful GEOMETRY unit.
Some of the kiddos are excited by
the vocabulary of this unit.
As one K Kid put it....
"My big brother at the High School has Geometry!"

Our family projects are adorable:

Just 5 more to go!
Thanks for sending them in as you finish.

Our discovery table is full of sand and shells...
and sharks?

Throw in a bit of buried treasure and
you've got a whole lot of fun!

Can you see our waves?
We are working UNDER THE SEA...

These adorable merfolk were
created on Tuesday.
Lots of creativity and hot glue
and you've got an adorable

We throw in a bit of extra science with
our beach theme.
What does live in a shell?
Ask your k kid!

We are having fun with liquids, too.
Hope you are having fun with the liquids 
homework.  How many can your family find?

The pirate books are very popular!

And everyone loves dressing up!

So we have had 2 rounds of center
with a definite beach theme!

The Blue Table is having a brain break
and creating a surf board.

The yellow table focused on the next letter in 
a series.

The green table took turns with
starfish star words!

And the red table read with the parrots!
Yes, these kiddos really are reading!
Ask them most decodable 3 letter word
and they've got it!

The carpet work was
going on a fish hunt!
These little fellows helped us focus
on sets from 10-20 using 10 frames.

On Wednesday, Bryce brought
Very Vanilla Cupcakes
for Letter Vv week!

Last week Josie brought
Heart Shaped Marshmallows and Honey Maid Crackers.
Thanks, Bryce and Josie and your families, too!

Thursday was our 80th day of K!
WOW! Time is flying!

Here is a sorting activity we did 
for our geometry unit on geometric solids....

Thursday's centers included

a fishing game....

fishy friends printing practice....

 octopus missing number...

and a measuring activity involving different 
size fishes!

Wow...we really do a lot during centers!
Mrs. Benke will be assessing kids again this week 
for the AIMSWEB.
When she is finished,
she will be joining us again for centers...
We miss her!

And now for.......................
Week of January 14-18
Reading: Letter Cc, star words 'to' and 'a', short a, rhymes
Math: Geometry...Geometric Solids:cylinder, cone, cube, rectangular prism, sphere
Theme: BEACH! Party on Thursday! Kids may BRING their beach clothes to school...
we will change after gym and music!
Social Studies: Saving Money
Science: What is Earth's land like?

We are still taking volunteers for our
100th day (February 7) and
our America The Beautiful (February 28)Workshops

 from 1:00 to 3:00.
 Please send in the form sent home last week if you can help us. 
Reminder: NO SCHOOL for students on Monday, January  21~
Teacher Workshop
Late start Tuesday, January 22 at 10:00 Workshop continued

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