Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What We Did During Christmas Vacation....

 Stay tuned for the cutest picture ever of our newest Grand Daughter, Calla Lucile Tilson!
(at the bottom of this post!)

To pick up where the last blog left off...
Maeve and I and John went to The Hobbit. Again.
Wonder when it comes to the Rivoli?
If you've never taken your family to the cheapo matinees there,
you should check it out...it is an awesome experience!

These glasses starred in the last post, too...they are just so much fun!
 This is what lights look like...only bigger stars than this picture shows.

Christmas Eve we first visited my Dad and Step Mom, Maxine
in Sparta, WI.
 My beautiful nieces also visited.
This will be their last Minnesota/Wisconsin Winter!
Looks like they will be in Florida !

My sweet hubby used his Christmas bonus to surprise
me with this lovely laptop!

 We woke up to a Hot Chocolate bar!

Maeve's big gift was a pogo stick!

John got a book to remind him of his Appalachain Trail Dream!
I got the better deal, I think!

Sorcha recieved a lap top, too!
(from Grandpa!)

And Fionn got a scarf.
And other things of course but man, he was liking this accessory!
We all had Christmas scarves...wish I would have remembered to take a picture
 Dr. Who Monopoly for the family.
Remember we are geeks. Every last one of us.

Yay! Lee spent the night!
Lee loves the Guinness World Book of Records.
Plus you are never too old for legos!
Everyone got Hobbit Legos,

My favorite part of the Holidays?
Playing games with the kiddos!
This is a game called Suspend...we had hours of fun with it.
I usually lost.
We also visited my Mom and Step Dad, Bob,
in Holmen, WI.
Lee is in the smashing fish shirt and bow tie!
Tim, my step bro, is on the left.
They are both sporting some pretty serious facial hair!

Proud Grandpa and Grandma...

The moment you've been waiting for....
Here she is ...Calla Lucile Tilson!
On Thursday, December 27, Shae called at 8:30 pm to say her water broke
This little angel made her arrival just over 2 hours later!
I obviously did not make it to Indianapolis for her grand arrival.
Due to the roads, a 9 hour trip took 12 hours!

Because Shae tested positive for Strep B
but did not have time for antibiotics due to the fast labor,
Calla was at risk to develop it.
Now, Shae was so ready to go home 12 hours after delivery,
but the hospital insisted on the baby staying for at least 48 hours.
So Sorcha and I took turns with Chris either sitting with Shae and Calla at the hospital
or going home to spend time with Wren.
I LOVED LOVED LOVED both of those jobs!

Here Wren is having a tea party with me!

 Here Wren and Sorcha are making Snow Soup!
What chilly fun!

Finally Shae and Calla came home!
Here is big sister, Wren, holding her new baby sister!

Here it is.....CUTEST BABY PICTURE ever!
We came home on the 31st.
Those partings are so hard.
But I did have the Hobbit on audiobook to listen to...
it helped ease the heartache a little on the long way home.

We also stopped to have brunch with Lee in the Dells.

I cannot believe tomorrow is school again!
Wow, what a whirlwind break!

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