Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 25 Letter Qq, star words 'is' and 'here', Dr. Seuss and Read Across America!

Good Reads this week:
The K-4 teachers read and recorded these books for 
Read Across America Week!
Click on the link to hear these treasures!

By the Kindergarten teachers:

By the 1st grade:

By the 2nd grade:

By the 3rd grade:

By the 4th Grade...

Seriously, how does my phone do this?  
However, I have no control over it!
This is the only kiddo whose picture had the hearts on it...funny!

I really enjoy this week in Kindergarten!
Dr. Seuss teaches us so much, and not just silly, rhyming words.
He teaches us how to be creative and colorful!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Theodore Giesel!
(aka Dr. Suess or Theo LeSieg)
 These cat in the hats were so much fun to create!

 And these, too!

New Morning Challenges this week included:
Dr. Seuss numeric order...

 Dr. Seuss ABC order...

And Dr. Seuss silly sentences!

 My own personal kiddos helped create 60 "Green Eggs and Ham" for the Kindergarten class!
What yummy fun!

Monday was silly sock day...yep, they were silly!  The socks, too! 

Centers on Tuesday included:
Mitten Day writing!  We wrote normal,
then with our mittens on,
then with our other hand,
then with our EYES SHUT!!!
Fun focused learning!

We also painted our guided drawings of the Cat in the Hat... 

We collected data and filled in a Dr. Seuss graph... 

 Thing 1 and Thing 2 real words vs. silly words...

Clear the Board with Thing 1 and Thing 2...
(addition skill)

Counting by 2's with Thing1 and Thing 2

Creating Creatures in our spare time.... 

Thank you so much for the Qq cake!!!!

Oh my!  We had so many journaling opportunities this week.
This one is _________eggs and ham!

 This one is who we would eat green eggs and ham with....

And this one is A Wocket in My Pocket.... 

 My class is made up of 18 HAMS...they are constantly creating awesome things and asking for a picture!
Here are a few from "rest" time...

 Centers on Wednesday included:
Spill and Sort (ways to make 10)

Cat in the Hat Ways to Make 10...

Cat in the Hat Real vs. Silly Words...

Colorful Eggs and Ham...(color word review)

Interpreting a Graph...

 New morning challenges began on Thursday:
Suess Character numeric order...
Counting by 5's...

 Happy Birthday spelling...

We spent the day with our teddies...
look at this cutie 'working'

Thursday was our 111th day of K!

Here's our snuggle buddies!

 We created these adorable picture frames for you!

Friday most of the teachers brought in cupcakes for the entire school!
 Here is our morning message for Friday!
Thank you, Meghan, for painting it in for us!

Here is our book many wonderful books!

The Winter Carnival was a blast!
This is Dexter with his new penguin face paint
by your truly!  I love this day!

Another crazy pic!
This one is titled "nice day for a picnic on the deck"

Now for next week's lineup...
March 10-14
Reading: Letter Ii, star word 'for', fiction/nonfiction
Math: Subtraction
Theme: Transportation and a bit of St. Patrick's Day
Science: How Does the Sun Seem to Move?
Social Studies: Our Leaders
Please continue to send 
even if the weather warms.
The playground is wet and muddy or will be when the snow melts.
BOTH items are required for normal recess time privileges!
Thanks for understanding!

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