Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 28 Letter Dd, short i, star words 'have' and 'for', weather!

What a wonderful weather week!
Here are our good reads from this week:

New morning challenges:
Train numeric order...

Traffic sign sentences...

Transportation Words....

We created our own CLOUDS!
What a great science experiment
complete with lab partners and protective eyewear!

We demonstrated how clouds get heavy with rain....
Then we learned some great science words:
The water cycle!!!!

Science Experiment #2 showed all three of those words in action!
a little hot water, a little ice, and a bit of blue food color...and you've got a mini water cycle!
If you look hard you can see our cloud.

Tuesday's centers included:
Rainy Day Painting....

Raining Cats and Dogs sorting and counting....

Star Word Dice Roll...

5 Senses Sorting...

Read the Room Raining Skip Counting....

On Wednesday we played a probability game...
Cats or Dogs Raindrops ....which won?

Any time a kid can legally stand on their chair is a good day!

Wednesday's Centers were:
We baked individual 3-2-1 THUNDERCAKE!

CD Spinner Star Words...

Real VS Manmade...looks like we need a bit more work on this one!

Rainy Day Addition....

Color Word Puzzles...

Thursday was CLOUD DAY!
We made cloud pictures on the ceiling....

Then at centers we painted our own!

Centers also included Star Word Mini Puzzles...

Detective Weather Words...

4 Seasons Sort....

Read The Room Odd or Even?

Here are a few of the lovely clouds we painted....

What fun is this?  It is an introduction to 
Rainbow week next week!

Here is our weather station..

And our rainy paintings in the hallway...

Friday was WIND DAY!
Here we are playing with our whirlygigs...

Friday was also School Spirit Day!
Here are our two 'Nerds'

Now for the week of April 1-4
Reading: Letter Xx, short o, star word 'the'
Math: larger numbers
Science: How Can I Change Objects?
Theme: Rainbows!

I will be in Savannah, Georgia Wednesday through Friday 
at my son's wedding!
Our wonderful sub is Mrs. Olson!
Remember, no school for kids on Monday, March 31.

There will probably be no class blog update next week.
Have a great weekend!

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