Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 31 Letter Oo, (Ww preview) Spring Animals, MUD, and money!

 Did you know that it takes about 8 gallons of maple sap to make this little amount of delicious maple syrup?
We boiled down a total of 20 gallons of sap to get 8 pints of syrup....I always wish we had more!!!

 Can you believe April is half over?  
Here are some of the great books we read this week:

We began our letter o work with this super cute Otter!

We have a wonderful helper, Marah Forstch, spending every morning with us.  She calls kids over to work on file folder games and other harder skills!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

Monday was MUDDAY!
yep, we made a book and a journal page with mud!
What good messy fun!

We created these adorable bunnies with a funny poem...
This little white bunny
got his tale by luck...
He sat on a marshmallow,
and that is where it stuck!

Two more family projects!

On Tuesday we created these iconic duck rabbits!
You, know, I still have my 29 year old daughter's duckbunny!

We had new morning challenges:
bunny abc order...

Bunny sentence building....

Carrot and Bunny counting by 5's....

We seriously got into our book boxes this week.
The K kids read a book or two and record the title on their book log.
When their log is full (10 books) then they can choose a sticker from the special sticker pic box, plus they get a giant scented marker star on their paper!  

Really they are excited about reading!!!!!  Me too!!!!!

Look at the detailed work we are getting!

We created these adorable chicks!

We also tried an egg to agate science experiment.
It did not work so well. 
No crystals. No agate. 
Too bad, but that failure in itself is a great lesson.

Centers on Tuesday included:
Bunny Painting...

Coin Graphing with Gina...

Pokey Pin Spring Words...

Carrot Addition...

Read the Room Bunny's Number Words...

Wednesday's Centers included:
Brain break playdo...but first we had to practice bdp and q...

Egg-citing Beginning and Ending Sounds...
Jelly bean measuring....

Basket of Missing Numerals...

Measuring Eggs...Height and Width!

Thursday's Morning Message...I love it when the kiddos add such great detail!

I gave the kids these cool eyeballs for reading.
LOVE LOVE LOVE their reaction!

And now for the upcoming week:
Kindergarten week of April 21-24

Reading: Letter Ww, short u, star word 'play'
Math: Money 
Theme: Earth Day and Farm 
Big News: No School for KINDERGARTEN on Friday, April 25 it is ROUND UP for next year's k kids
Late Start: Friday, May 2
Zoo Trip: Friday, May 23 (volunteers welcome...slips coming home after roundup)
Family Picnic: Tuesday, June 3
Last Day of School for 2013-2014: Thursday, June 5

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