Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 32, Letter Ww, star word 'play', Earth Day, bunnies, and FARM

Mrs. Pilger, Mrs. Kalmes, and I all went to the Kindergarten Convention in Owatonna!
 We met Eric Litzen of Pete the Cat fame!  
I got an autograph!   
I also got to hold an alligator at the wildlife exhibit!  Wow!
We learned a thing or two, as well!

Here are some great reads from this week:
We began  our second chapter book: Junie B. Jones!

On Monday we read about Earth Day...
love these little Earths!

Wow! Look how long the bunny chain is!

New Morning Challenges:
Money Puzzles...


Earth Day missing numeral....

We brought our bunnies for a writing project!  
Look for a lucky duck book coming home soon!

We are finally beginning the farm unit!
We created these cute cows...

We are still reviewing money:
The coins we need to know are 
plus their value...keep practicing at home!

We learned the Odgen Nash poem Purple Cow:
"I've never seen a purple cow.
I never hope to see one.
But I can tell you anyhow,
I'd rather SEE than BE one!"

So we made delicious purple cows!
Easy peasy....equal parts grape juice to vanilla ice cream...MMMMM!!!!!

Here we are enjoying our Purple Cows...

With an assessment afternoon on Tuesday, and room beautifying on Thursday, Wednesday was the only day we had centers.
Here are our Earth Day Centers:
Trash or Treasure Words...comparing real vs. silly words....

What is the Earth Made Of? 
Land Water Air...

Number Word Search....

Taking Care of The Earth...

Recycling Readers: 
Reading and Writing words...

On Thursday we created these adorable pigs!

We watched the LORAX (the cartoon, not CGI..)
I love this version compared to the newer one.
This classic version sticks to the Dr. Seuss plot.
Hope you can enjoy it with your kiddo, too!

To prepare our table for Round Up we used shaving cream to give them a good scrubbing....
Of course we turned it into a learning opportunity!

Here are the "new" k kids and families at 
Kindergarten Round up.
Hope you enjoyed the extra day with your k kid!

 And now for the upcoming week in Kindergarten:
Reading: letter Yy, star word 'she', settings and characters
Math: finish Money and begin Time
Science: What Make a Shadow? (review)
Theme: Farm 
We will have a HOE DOWN on Friday! 
Please see note sent home on Monday about wearing fun farm clothes on Friday.
We are making bread in our room to share!

See above, of course, and ...
Late Start: Friday, May 2 10:00
Zoo Trip: Friday, May 23 
We would LOVE to have you come with us...please send in the volunteer form sent home last week.

Family Picnic: Tuesday, June 3
All kiddos need someone there on this special day.  It is also their concert. More info coming soon!
Last Day of School for 2013-2014: Thursday, June 5

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