Saturday, May 3, 2014

Week 33, Letter Yy, star word 'she', Farm and Pets, Bread Making in Kindergarten!!!!

 Yee-Haw!  It was farm and pet week in Kindergarten!
AND COOKING AND EATING week, apparently! 
Here are a few good reads from this week:

We had new morning challenges:
Who let the dogs out? abc order....

Piggies counting by 5's...

Word puzzles for pets....

OH YES!  We earned a popcorn party for winning 30 points on the abc game!  

The kids voted for popcorn and a movie....we watched Ferngully in 3 installments...only one had popcorn included!


Tuesday's centers included:
Farm Animal printing....

 Piggy Banks counting DIMES...

 Pig in the animal writing....

Read the room: Baa baa black sheep color words...

 Mrs. Wishy Washy animal search....

 Oh, JOY!!! The pizza parlor is up and running!
Stay tuned for pics of the kids playing!

And we have a bird science table ready for us to explore!

On Wednesday we made.....BREAD!!!!
Oh my did the room and the hallway and the whole SCHOOL smell good from the aroma floating out of our room!
 Here are some chefs holding the ingredients...
in just 4 hours we had a lovely loaf of bread! 

 Wednesday's centers included:
How many sounds?

Dots on a Goat addition....

Stamping up farm words....

 Read the room: Counting Cow tally marks....


Piggy Banks counting NICKELS!!!! 

On Thursday, Mrs. Pilger's kids came to make bread with me...
While our class went to her room to shake up some butter!!!! 

OH, Guess Who's the Spotlight Author in the library?
Our Class!!!

On Thursday we made May Baskets...hope you got to enjoy the delicious candy and bright flowers!

Here is the Yellow Table playing at the pizza parlor!

And, for the first time EVER, we made real pizzas in Kindergarten!
This is part of Thursday's centers....yummmmmy!
Reading while waiting for our pizza to cook.... 

 I am the toaster oven chef of the day!

Other centers included: 
Cat and Dog pet words...

Farm words...

Counting Cows adding on from 10!

 Read the room farm animal printing...

 Yes, we even created hobby horses!

And here are some of the HOE DOWN pics:

It's hard to see, but we have the same shirt on!!!!

We ate our bread and butter 
(and fresh strawberry jam from Rod, our custodian!)
 and Mrs. Kalmes' homemade ice cream!

I tell you what, it was a busy busy week!
Followed by a kinda laid back backpacking/hiking hubby and I only hiked 4 miles in La Crosse's Hixon Forest 
(me in dress boots...the hike was totally impromptu!)
I get double the miles for that right? 

Photo: What not to wear on an impromptu 4 mile hike in Hixon Forest ... All because John only stayed at the gun show in West Salem for 45 minutes and we had the afternoon to ourselves. ...
Now for the week of May 5-9
Reading: Letter Uu, setting, character
Math: Time and clocks
Science:  What things make heat?
Social Studies: Manners
Theme: wrap up pets, begin flowers!

Zoo Trip: Friday, May 23 

Family Picnic: Tuesday, June 3
It is also our SPRING CONCERT!!!!!
All kiddos need someone there on this special day.  It is also their concert. More info coming soon!
Last Day of School for 2013-2014: Thursday, June 5

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