Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 36 Review and the ZOO!

Here's a quick peek at our new hobby!
Coming along nicely!  I just cannot stop watching them!
Did you know bees will not poop in their hive?
These little winged marvels held "it" all the way from California to Wisconsin then back to Minnesota!
Glad I could teach you all something today! 
I didn't even wear my bee suit to get these pics!

And now for our week last week!
Here are some great books:

 New morning challenges kept us busy:
Counting by 5's frogs...

Counting to 100...

Building sentences with these cuties!

Marah was in charge of the finger painting table...stay tuned for the use of our beautiful paper we created!

We had a lesson on symmetry!

and more word families!'s that lovely paper.
Oh, wonder what she's making?
coming along...

It's a caterpillar Eric Carle style!

Here's some of our symmetry work using mirrors!

Tuesday morning was our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast!
Thanks to all who could make it!

Hope I did not miss anyone who came...I was in and out of the cafeteria!

Tuesday's Centers included:
Silly Goose sorting real vs. silly words...

Fun with symmetry...

Tallies in the Barn...

Reading the Room What Comes Next...

Science Table: Animal Parts...

Wednesday's Centers:
Elephants love Peanuts subtraction...

Kangaroo Syllables...

Tallying the Giraffes' Spots...

Read the Room...Baby Elephants and BIG Numbers!

Counting by 2s with Zebras...

Some new toys...word building with cubes...
More word building with hammers and tacks and wooden letters...

using dry erase markers to practice numerals...
Shhh...don't tell them they are practicing k skills!

I had a sub for 1/2 day on Thursday as I had a doctor's appointment to read a chest and head scan from last week.
GOOD NEWS!  No sign of cancer in my lungs or at the original site!  Now I just go see my surgeon quarterly instead of every two months.  Whew!

Our Oxbow Field trip day finally arrived!
First we went for a hike with Mrs. Kalmes while Mrs. Pilger and I set up lunch.
Here we are eating our picnic before we went to the zoo!

Finally at the zoo!

There were so many Minnesota animals to see!

The river otters are my favorite!

 We worked a bit!

Thanks to all who helped out!
You are making memories with your little one!

What a fun, educational day!

Week of May 27-May 30
Reading: Review and Assess
Math: Graphing
Science: What are Pushes and Pulls?
Social Studies: Friendship
Thursday we will get a turn in the bounce toys as part of our fund raiser reward day!
Friday we will practice being 1st graders for the morning!  
Next Tuesday, June 3,  is our Family Picnic and Spring Concert
And finally, next Thursday, June 5,  is our last day of school for 2013-2014!
We have been learning about the word 'bittersweet'

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