Friday, May 9, 2014

Week 34, Letter Uu, star word 'he', birds, flowers,and Mothers' Day!

This week was full of birds, flowers, and Mothers' Day surprises!
Here are a few of our good reads:


Here is our first round of new morning challengs:
Bird Sentences...

Bird Numeric Order from 77...

Bird Addition!

We created nests and eagles.... 

Centers on Tuesday were about pets!
Feed the Cat ....ways to make 10

Cool Cat Listening for C's

Dog Gone!  Subtraction from 10....

Dog Gone Rhymes... 

Read the Room...Hamster Number Writing...

We are so excited to take home our eagles and nests!

Look at these cuties!
Letter Uu Umbrella Snack...Thank you Azlyn!

 Oh, a beautiful addition Morning Message!

Marah stayed all day Wednesday to job shadow a kindergarten teacher!  We sure enjoyed her!
Here she is in charge of checking out our morning work!

At Wednesday's Centers she taught us about time to THIRTY
like 1:30, 2:30...etc...

Here we are posing with our helper!
 And of course a SILLY POSE!

A few more Wednesday centers:
Flower Spin a word!

AEIOU Vowels!

 Hamster Word Writing!

During our Switch-A-Roo day 
my job was to interview the kids about the things their moms and dads were best at!  Fun!

There are no pics of these but the kids went to Mrs. Pilger for making cars and to Mrs. Kalmes for making flowers!

Our newest Morning Challenges...
All 3 are about clocks and telling time!

And finally...I was the happiest teacher EVER as the kids worked as a team to solve a tough challenge!
Well done, kiddos!

 And our final pic for the week...two happy leaders showing off our mother's day bouquet Morning Message!

And now for the week of May 12-16
Reading: Letter  Jj, star word 'are', sequence of events
Math: calendar
Theme: Pond
Science: What makes Sound?
Social Studies: Team work!
Please come to a free appreciate day breakfast on 
Tuesday, May 20 from 7-8 at the elementary!
Oxbow Field Trip...Friday, May 23
Family Picnic...Tuesday, June 3
Last Day of School for 2013-2014...Thursday, June 5

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