Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 35 Letter Jj, star word 'are', and the POND!

Here's a bit of what's happening at our crazy house:
We are just "new-BEES" at this!
No stings yet!

 And we are learning so much!!!!
Mr. Harper has helped us so much!

Here are a few great reads from this week:
With just 3 weeks of school left,
we are working hard on squeezing in every bit of Kindergarten
fun that we can!
On Monday we made pond lillies for our new room theme!

We also made these adorable turtles!

Meanwhile back at home...the chicks are hatching!
We have 17 new little chicks!

Our new science table is a huge hit!
Who doesn't LOVE magnets!
I love our morning messages when the kids have the chance to these little turtles!

We have taken out the littlest pet shop toys...
these are at least 20 years old and belonged to my daughter, Shae!
The kids love the story behind things!

Here are some little tiny turtles we made...

Tuesday's centers included:
Top Spinning Brain Break...

Frog addition...

Frog subtraction....

Blue Bird counting by 5's...

States of Matter:
Liquid Solid Gases....

New Morning Challenges included:
Missing Numerals...

Froggy counting by 5's....

ABC Order and Sentence Building....

Here is Rod checking out our TADPOLES!!!
Mrs. Flathers brought little frog eggs for us to watch and they promptly hatched into little tiny tadpoles!  
How exciting!
The frog science table is such a fun place to explore...

These kiddos are choosing to measure things at choice time!
Here is our leader reading the morning chart...yes, really reading!

Wednesday's centers included:
Magic E...tap changes into tape!

Fun with vowels....

Star words top spin....

Listening for T...Beginning Middle End?

Where do they live? Meadow or Pond?

 On Thursday we created these adorable bejeweled turtles!
 Another fun choice activity...painting!

Thursday's Centers:
Measuring Pond Items...

Emma brought stamps in the guessing jar and asked if we could use them as a center....of course!!! What fun!!!

 Gina helped at the magnet science center!
We discovered that magnets are attracted to metals with iron in them!  

Here we are interpreting a graph...

 and our brain break was searching for tiny little words using those adorable frog magnifiers!

And now for the week of May 19-23
Reading: All letters and all sight words!
Math: Calendar and Graphing
Theme: Animals and the Zoo
Science: How Do Things Move?
Social Studies: Friendship
Please come to the Volunteer Appreciation on Tuesday morning from 7-8...breakfast is free!
Mrs. Stokke's Field day is Thursday....we will let you know more as we find out
Oxbow Zoo Field Trip is Friday...look for a reminder on Thursday
No School...Monday, May 26 Memorial Day
Family Picnic....Tuesday, June 3
Last Day of School...Thursday, June 5

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