Friday, May 30, 2014

Week 37 Wrapping Things Up and BOUNCY HOUSE!

Oh.My.Goodness! Our latest project turned out! 
I am sooooo excited! 
Please see this blog post from last week:
if you wish to read more about 
recreational bathing...or bathing under the stars

 Here we are with Maeve in LaCrosse near Riverside Park

 Followed by ice cream from Pearl Street Ice Cream Parlor.
May you have many such adventures this summer!
 And a quick look at the bees....

Good Reads this week:(Castle and Dragon theme)

New Morning Challengs:
Dragon counting backwards from 20...

Dragon counting by 5's....

 And building words (good enough to eat!)


 We journaled about King Bidgood who would not get out of the tub (kind of like me this weekend!)

 Our last official morning challenges:
vowel sounds...

Phases of life (including metamorphosis)

And pond life puzzle...

 Centers included:
Symmetry Star Words...

 Bingo addition....

 Star Word Jewels (complete with treasure box)

 Crown word puzzles

Pokey Pin Summer Words...

Thursday was our BOUNCY HOUSE reward party!
We were divided into 5 groups and had an hour of bouncy fun at 5 different stations!

 Yep, teachers, too!

What fun!  Thank you PLAY group!

Friday morning we were 1st GRADERS!!!!!
Here we are in all 3 classes...

 Mrs. Weaver...
 Mrs. Kittleson...

 Mrs. Anderson...
Oh what fun!

Now for our FINAL WEEK of the 2013-2014 School Year:
Reading: Assess
Math: Assess
Theme: Summer
Science and Social Studies: Review
See you at Farmers' Park on Tuesday!
(if raining we will meet you at school)
We will arrive shortly after 11:30,
eat at NOON, 
and have our Spring Concert around 1:00.
Your child is free to leave with you after a short "graduation" ceremony 
(hugs and diplomas)

Thank you for a great year!

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