Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week 38 Wrap Up, Picnic, Graduation Pics, and The End!

(Graduation pics are at the end of this blog!)
Well, Folks,this is it!
Our last week together was filled with fun and wrapping up and cleaning up activities.

We ended morning challenges the way we began...
Math tubs!

I love love love these little goodbye gifts!
"Owl miss you! Have a HOOT this summer!"

We had one last messy art project:
Smushed Paint Symmetrical Butterflies!

Tuesday was our FAMILY PICNIC!
What lovely weather!  Thank you for coming!

Thanks to the families who sent/tagged me in these pics!
I'd love to see more if anyone else has some!

On Wednesday, the top fund raisers from last Fall got to tape Mr.Riebel to the wall while we watched at cheered!
Marah made one last project with us!
We got to write on one more calendar for numeral practice!

We went to the 4th grade fashion show!

Mr. Schmaltz and Mr. Papenfuss danced the toodyta while we waited for the judges' decision!  Funny!
We worked wherever we wanted on one last practice packet...yep, even at my desk!

We learned about TANGRAMS!

Our last morning message...
Then I popped over to Altura to watch as MY baby graduated from 6th grade along with the 
Presidential Academic Excellence Award!
Way to go, Fionn!

Enjoy these pics!
It was an honor to be your child's Kindergarten teacher!
Please stay in touch!

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