Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rain Forest 1 Summer School 2014

What a fantastic week we had in 
Rain Forest Animals 1
Enrichment Summer School for 
ALMOST 1st Graders!
We had a lot of great volunteers this week, as well!

Monday was alligator and their cousins day!

blowing bubbles!

snack time.....

Tuesday was frog day!

How far can YOU jump?
How far can your little frog jump?
Balloon painting...

Every day we measured a "grow-a-gator"
How long do you think it will be by Friday?
Stay tuned....

Wednesday was butterfly day...
 We also learned about the layers of the rain forest...

 Those barrel of monkeys were really popular!
 Thursday was jaguar day!

 we also got a start on our picture frames...

 On Friday we went for a safari...
which animals can we find?


 Friday was also monkey day!
Here we are with our monkey parachutes....

 Here you go....the alligator grew over 8 inches!

Here are some of the great books we read this week... 

Thank  you for a wonderful week!
See most of you for Rain Forest Animal 2 in August!

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