Sunday, August 17, 2014

Enrichment Summer School Rain Forest Animals 2

What a wonderful week we had 
learning about the rain forest and some of the animals that live there!

On Monday our focus was 
Here are some of our stations:

balloon painting with Mrs. O'

Reviewing star words with Mrs. H

While the kiddos waited for their turn to create projects, they had choice time!

Here's another Mrs. O' project..

Snack time was a favorite!

Tuesday was snake day!
Mrs. Sobek's station...

My cousin Alex helped at rhyming activity 
while he was visiting!

Choice Day 2

My snake station...painting wooden snakes!


Mrs. H helped us review vowel sounds...

Wednesday was big bird and bat day!
Plus we posed for a picture that we will need later in the week....

Day 3 choice...

My station...BIG BIRDS!

Mrs. Sobek is playing a game with us...

Mrs. H helped us review addition...

more choice time!

My 2nd station...bat magnets!

Thursday was BIG BUG day!
Mrs. Sobeck helped with BUILD-a-BUG 
as we learned about insect body parts...

We began phase 1 of our rain forest model....
and drip painted dragon flies at my table...

Day 4 Choice Time...


Mrs. H helped with another addition page...this one was harder still!

Snack time again....thanks for the yummy treats!

Friday we finished our study of the rain forest!
We created a model...a nice 3d model!

Mrs. Sobeck helped with the picture frames....

Ms. H guided the kids in a nice reading book about the rain forest!  What great readers they have become!

And finally, here is a collection of books we read this week!
Thank you for sending your almost first grader to 
our ENRICHMENT Summer School!
Please stop in and say 'hi!' sometimes!

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