Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 27 Letter Ii, subtraction, and TRANSPORTATION!

Yep, we made it to the Apostle Island Ice Caves just before they closed for the season!
If you ever get a chance to go, it is well worth the trip!

We are zooming right along with our transportation unit!
But first, a little Dr. Seuss morning challenges:
Dr. Seuss counting by 5s...

Dr. Seuss Numeric Order...

Dr. Seuss ABC Order...

Here is the Dr. Seuss table just before we took it down, truffula trees and all!

We got out my 25 year old son's skate park for the kids to play with!  What fun!
The traffic signs and cones are good fun, too! 


We've been playing Guess My Number from 1-100!
We are really picking up tons of skills from this fast little game, greater than, less than, equal, range, number recognition to 100 just to name a few!

Here are those family projects from last week...CUTE!!!!

Do you see the shamrock in the middle right above?
Well, that little k kid wanted to teach us how she did it so we got out the tissue paper and glue and had fun learning with our friends!

We also created these nice forms of transportation murals...

Tuesday's centers included:
 The perennial favorite, pokey pin 
(transportation words this time!)

Forms of Transportation Sort... 

 Missing Number...

What is in the truck? Decoding works!

 On Wedneday we created lovely pots of gold to hang in our room...hey THAT looks like fun!

 I have such hams this year...everyone likes their picture taken!  It is nice they are so proud of their work!


 TaDaDa!  This is what they look like hung up!
Friday's new morning challenges included:
Vehicle Puzzles... 

 Train Numeric Order...

Vehicle Spelling...

Here are the kiddos playing with the signs and cones!

Thursday's centers included:
Train ABC ORDER...

Vehicle Stamp and Spell...

Missing Number...

Flying High With Spelling!

On Friday we created these adorable leprechauns to decorate the hallway!

Good Reads this week...

Oh, I forgot to show you the kiddos 
earlier this week!
What creative geniuses I have!

And now for the week of March 16-20...
Reading: Letter Zz, short i, segmentation
Math: Subtraction then Big Numbers
Theme: St. Patrick's Day, Shamrocks, Leprechauns
and Seasons
Science: Sorting Objects

YES, continue to send snowpants and boots. 
YES, your child can keep them here but I will need to hear from you in a note or email or text or phone call. Otherwise, I send those items home nightly.

NO SCHOOL for students Monday, March 23
Look for report cards to come home March 27.
NO SCHOOL for Spring Break Friday, April 3-Monday, April 6

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