Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 28 Letter Zz, short i, ST. PADDY's Day themes!

Oh my goodness! 
What a week!
We began on Monday by creating these adorable leprechauns for the hallway...

 I made these little cards to remind the kiddos how much they mean to me!

We also bought this delicious and thematic giant cookie for snack time!  Yummy!

 We found many leprechaun tricks on Tuesday but, alas, not one leprechaun was to be seen!
 Here we found all our green markers!

Our mailboxes were all pulled out, too.

On Tuesday morning we created these lovely large leprechauns!

Our new morning challenges included:
Spelling Happy St. Patrick's Day and 
arranging our poem...

 Shamrocks counting by 5s and 10s...

Shamrock abc  backwards order... 

 More leprechaun tricks...our cookie was missing but quickly found in the treehouse!
 The green chairs were stacked to the ceiling!
 and (my favorite) 100 gold coins were hid around the room!
We found them and sorted them into the 100s chart.

We also had festive napkins and straws for snack. 

The final trick was a nice one, gold coins and little Lucky Charm filled hats for everyone!

Tuesday's centers included:
Measuring leprechauns with shamrocks...

Creating real or silly words...

More or Less with Shamrocks...

 Counting by 10s Leprechaun Read the Room...

 Having fun with our little hats...

All week long Mrs.Sauers has been making these little adorable leprechauns with us!

 Wednesday's snack was Zebra Cakes...Zz!!!

We began a new activity called "Write the Room", ask your kiddo about it!

We have been also learning about seasons.
 Here is a link to a cute season song we are learning:

Here is one more family project!

We worked on these real/silly word pages independently!
We really are readers!

Thursday's centers included:
Leprechaun Star Words...

Pot of Gold Addition...

Leprechaun Taking Apart Teen Numbers...

Playdo Work Mats...then plain ol' playdo playtime!

Friday brought new morning challenges:
Missing Numeral Shamrocks...

 Addition Shamrocks...

 Shamrock Words...

Good Reads!
 and now for the week of March 24-27
Reading: letter Dd, short i, matching words to pics
Math: Bigger Numbers and odd/even
Theme: Seasons and Rainbows
Science: How Can I Change Things?
Big News:
No School Friday, April 3-Monday, April 6 Spring Break
No School for KINDERGARTENERS (only) on Friday, April 24 due to Kindergarten Round Up
(1st-12th still in session)

Fund Raisers due Friday.
Please return even if you are NOT ordering.

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