Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer School Bug Funl 2015

Bug Fun week was a hit!
On Monday we learned about LADY BUGS!

At Mrs. Sula's table we made our folder and played playdo!

At my table we made a lady bug poem!

Mrs. Gnadt helped us create those adorable bug boxes!

 Miss Amy made a shape review book with us!

While the kiddos wait their turn at our stations, they have free choice!  What fun!

Good Reads on LadyBug Day!

 On Tuesday we learned about honey bees!

 Miss Amy helped us create these adorable little bees...

 We painted these BIG bees with Miss Annie...

At Mrs. Gnadt's station we put together these lovely little magnifiers!

 We learned a poem about busy bees with Mrs. Sula!
We even got to feel real honeycomb!

Photo shoot time!

 Thanks for helping your kiddo find a bug for us to explore!

These two scientists are having a great time looking at the butterflies from the science museum!

Good reads on bee day...

Wednesday was fly and firefly day!
My station was OUTSIDE painting...with fly swatters!

 Old black fly's done buzzing around 
and he won't be bad no more!

The kiddos reviewed counting one to one with Mrs. Sula and created their own firefly jar!

Miss Amy practiced printing numerals with the kids...

Mrs. Gnadt played a flyswatter name review game...

 Ms. Annie helped with adding and subtracting flies...which we swatted to find the answer!

More choice time!
 We love our morning messages!

Love Love Love these scientists!

On Thursday Mrs. Sula journaled with us about our hungry caterpillars!

Mrs. Gnadt helped us create these adorable caterpillars!

Ms. Annie review the letters in our names with us.
We are practicing writing the kindergarten way...
One capital, the rest lower case!

Miss Amy played a Bug ABC Game with us!

At my station we used drip paint to decorate these adorable watercolor paper bugs!

 Me and Elijah!  

 Every day we play group games together.
Here are some of them!

Friday's stations included:
Mrs. Sula's butterfly hunt...

My table also searched for and named bugs.
We also made bug hats and completed our folders.

Ms. Annie created these cutie pie rolypoly bugs!


Miss Amy helped the kids practice one to one correspondence with ants!

Mrs. Gnadt's table was the create these lovely picture frames! 

The kids loved the "catch" butterflies
and have their picture takes...what hams!

End of the week good reads...

Thank you for signing your kiddo up for our enrichment summer school.  We sure had a good time and learned a thing or  two, as well!

We will see some of you next week, and the rest of you when the school year begins!

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