Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer School Rain Forest 1 2015

Wow! What a week!
Our days follow a very nice pattern...
9:00-10:00 stations...
and here we are making crocodile/alligator projects:
My table was mostly housekeeping items...
folders, hats, bookmarks

Miss Abby played a logic game called "SNAP"

Suzy, Kelsey's mom, volunteered on Monday!
Her project was these adorable dot crocs!

Ms. Jenny helped with 2 croc projects...

 a magnet and a puppet!

While we are wainting our turn at stations we have free choice time!

 We love love love our new safari hats!

Tuesday's FROG stations included:
hopping and measuring with Mrs. Gnadt...

Rhyme Time with Miss Abby 

 Emily's mom stayed to help us with 
Froggy Counting by 10s!

Ms. Jenny created these adorable froggy door hangers with us!

My table was painting rain forest frogs with 
BIOCOLOR and balloons!

Snack time is always a hit!
Thanks for sharing! 

Here's Tuesday's morning message...
Wednesday was BIG BUTTERFLY day!
We also practiced symmetry...
 My table's lovely little workers!

 Ms. Annie stayed to help with symmetrical "scratchy" butterflies...

Mrs. Gnadt helped create these beauts!

Ms. Jenny's sub was Ms. Wallace who helped with an addition page...

Choice time is always a hit!

We took pictures with our explorer hats on!
Hope you enjoyed the picture frame they created 
(page down to Thursday to see them in action!)

 One of my favorite parts of the day is independent book time!  What good readers they have become!

Thursday's stations included:
Ms. Annie measured our hands against gorilla's large hands!
Gorilla hands are around 12 inches in length.
We discovered that ours are much smaller coming in at about 5 inches!

Mrs. Gnadt taught us about the levels of the rain forest:
forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent 

My table worked on big beautiful jaguars! 

 Miss Abby and Ms. Jenny worked together to help kiddos get their picture frames finished.
The beginning....

 The end!

Here's our Thursday morning message...

At group time we have been playing academic games. 
Here are a few:
Monkey Mixed Up Sentences...

Jaguar counting by 5s...

Alligator counting by 10's...
 and Froggy counting by 2's...

Here is Friday's fun:

Ms. Annie helped with creating sloths!

Ms. Jill stayed to help with the binoculars and a rain forest search!

Ms. Jenny's table was a monkey project...

Mrs. Gnat helped with Monkey Counting by 5's!

and I got to organize all the projects and folders!
We had fun collecting our rain forest animals stickers this week.  The monkey parachute was s fun little bonus! 

Good reads this week...

Thanks for sending your kiddo to our enrichment summer school and for the tasty snacks!
We had so much great help this week, it was really one of the best sessions we have had!

Look for a facebook update on Sunday.
I will see ALL (plus a few more)
 of you August 10 for Rain Forest Animals 2!

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