Friday, June 5, 2015

Week 39 THE END and Graduation Pics!!!!!

Here we are already...the last week of Kindergarten!!!!
We were the KINGS and QUEENS of KINDERGARTEN all week.
What does such royalty need?
Why, a castle! 

 Our last guided drawing lesson was these GORGEOUS castles!
A para commented that they were "frameable"
I agree!

On Monday we were treated to 
Project Runway put on by the 4th graders!

We also had an icee party because every one brought back or paid for their library books!  Yay, us!

On Tuesday we had a clean the closet out snack...
a cracker bar!

We also created our crowns...

Tuesday afternoon we were treated to a presentation by the Golden Gophers!
Their message was sweet:
Just go out and PLAY!!!

 We were lucky to get pompoms!

Wednesday we celebrated us!

The picnic at Farmers' Park was fantastic!

So was the entertainment!

And finally here we are...
all ready for 1st grade!
Thanks to all who added the pics to facebook!

Here's what you've been waiting for....
Graduation Pictures!

 Our final day began with this sweet entry way....

We cleaned....

 and sorted...

We even had time for some BRAIN BUILDING
as we solved tangrams with a partner...
I sent home the rest of the packet and some cardstock tangram pieces...have fun solving them with your kiddo.
They get very difficult, but...

And the tradition continues as the staff at Lewiston-Altura Elementary give  a very loud and heartfelt farewell to the students for the 2014-2015 school year!

 Our next big adventure....Maeve graduates from High School on Friday evening!
Man, where did the time go?

Thank you again for a very lovely year,
I truly enjoyed this bunch of kiddos!

Please help your almost first grader fill out the
READING TEA paper found in your packet so they can come out to visit me this summer.
I look forward to seeing you all around!

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