Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer School 2015 Diggin' Dinos!

Welcome to our Diggin' Dinos blog for 
Kindergarten Enrichment Summer School!

Be sure to keep paging down to see pics of your budding paleontologist! 

Here are some of the fun and educational items your child explored this week:

Every day we made many projects with a dinosaur theme  with an academic twist and/or fine motor strengthening skill.
Here are Monday's stations:

Mrs. Jenny helped at the Dino Hat table...

Mrs. Sobek helped with balloon painting dinosaurs...

Miss Abby played a counting game...

Ms. Crystal helped us out as well!
Any time you wish to volunteer, just let me know, I will create a station for you!

I was the photographer...
(it is nice to have so many helpers!  I plan, organize, and supervise!)


Snack time is always a hit!
Today we buried our dinosaur gummies in chocolate pudding and had a tasty dinosaur dig!

 Tuesday's stations included:
Mrs. Sobek and Dinosaur Dan color recognition...

Miss Jenny and dinosaur picture frame...

Mrs.  O' (me) and dinosaur egg and baby dropper paintings...

We also mixed up a batch of baking soda dough to form dinosaur eggs...tomorrow we will see if they hatch!

Book Time!

Every morning we sign in on the morning message...

 Wednesday's stations included:
 Making fossils with plaster of paris and Mrs. O'...


hatching those eggs we made yesterday with Miss Jenny and a little vinegar...

sun catchers with Mrs. Sobek...

And a dinosaur puzzle with Miss Abby...

While the kids wait their turn at projects they are free to!

 At group time we play games together.
Here we are finding all the letters in the alphabet...

 Here are Thursday's stations:
Unearthing our fossils....

Sorting carnivores and herbivores with Miss Abby...

Making yummy bones with Miss Jenny...
(pretzels and chocolate!)

Discovering the shape of dinosaur teeth with Mrs. Sobek...
(chocolate chips for sharp meat eaters, marshmallows for flat plant eaters, and a pattern of both for omnivores!)

 My table transferred data we gathered yesterday about the group's favorite dinosaur...

and today's prize was this adorable little dinosaur ring!

Finally Friday's projects included:
Making these adorable dinosaur masks with Ms. Jenny:

The scientists then stopped by my prize table:
We received dinosaur eggs, stickers scenes, and a dino glider!  What fun!

We also journaled about what would happen if the dinosaurs came back!

Mrs. Sobek helped the kids put together their puzzle book all about dinosaurs!  Nice!

Snack time was even better with our dinosaur napkins! 

Our final morning message let the kiddos be artists!

and finally here are our good reads for the week!
A nice assortment of fiction and nonfiction.
Check some out at your favorite library !

Thanks again for sharing your little paleontologists with me!
I will see many of you August 3rd for BUG FUN!
(and few next know who you are!)

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