Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 9 Letter Mm, sound /m/, star word 'I', OUTER SPACE!

Oh WOW! We can hardly believe it!
Our room is now in OUTER SPACE!
Well, not quite, but we are having fun imagining!
 We took pictures of Monday's projects on Tuesday after they were finished...keep reading!

Centers on Tuesday included:
Outer Space Beginning Sounds...

Sorting Living/non living...

Countdown from 10 Rockets...

Star Letter Dice Roll...

More Outer Space pics...

Wednesday brought new Morning Challenges:
STAR abc order...

Planet Counting by 10s

Astronaut and Star Number/Amount Matching
We took some action shots on Wednesday for an 'I' book we are putting together for our star word~I!

Ooh..this was fun and glittery!
The kids had to make a star out of 5 popsicle sticks and then we added glitter!  They are beautiful hanging in our room!

 And it was the best day ever~we learned how to make stars!  Just look at the pride on this young lady's face!

We have several outer space stations set up around the room.  This guy is discovering planets! 

 The reading rockets are fun!

I got this nice little space shuttle kite at The Minnesota Science Museum this summer...what an awesome exhibit they had on Outer Space! 

These are so sweet!
We read Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me
by Eric Carle 
and then created these over the course of 2 days!

We also read books about constellations and then created our own!

We practiced our last names with these 


Miss Anna has been working on this science lesson with us...Animals Change and Grow.
We use the words OFFSPRING and ADULT.

 Good Reads this week:

We were space explorers and "discovered" a new planet on Thursday.  We painted what it might look like and then answered some questions concerning distance, weather, and other exciting information!

Yes, we got to stand on our chairs to drop a Mm Monkey card to see if it landed on Capital M or Lowercase m...a fun graphing activity!

We also tried our hand at our first printing practice using old calendars!  If you have any old calendars we would love to take them off your hands!

 Our Family Projects are rolling in!

 On Thursday we said GOODBYE to Tina,
 our cook!
What a lovely, teary ceremony!
We will sure miss her.

And now for the week of November 10-13
(remember, NO SCHOOL Monday, November 9)
Reading: Letter Ss, sound /s/, sequencing
Math: less/more  
Theme: finish Outer Space begin Scarecrows
Science: What Do Living Things Need?
Social Studies: Seasons Bring Change
Big News: Conferences are Tuesday, November 17 and Thursday, November 19.  
Your times will be sent home soon.

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