Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 12 Letter Tt, sound /t/, Thanksgiving and STONE SOUP!

Happy PreThanksgiving Blessings
 to you and your family!
This short week in Kindergarten was crazy busy!

First of all, here's a few pics from Friday's cute turkey project. 
 I can imagine Mr. O'Duggan's face when he notices his work gloves missing the fingertips!
Oh, the joys of being married to a Kindergarten teacher!

 Monday morning brought new Morning Challenges:
Turkey and Stars Numeric Order...

Turkey Sentences... 

 and Turkey Counting by 10s...

Monday afternoon we created artsy versions of STONE SOUP!
Here we are working...

 And here are the finished products!

 We are having a blast at the PASTA discovery table...

Tuesday morning we put all of our veggies together to create tasty STONE SOUP!

 Each table brought something to add.
And it was DELICIOUS!

Because guidance was cancelled,
we had a little extra time to play
Well, it wasn't really a race, the kids just had to puff the feather across the table and then go to the end of the line and wait their next turn.
It was a hoot!

The Alphabet Soup Station was a hit!

The leader loved the chart!

Wow!  We are really doing HARD work now!
This was sorting the /t/ sound into
We worked together first...

We even had STONE SOUP for the smartboard!

Here are our final family projects!

Hey, is that the leader I spy in the teepee?

Tuesday's Centers were all a hit!
Leah helped with serving Stone Soup...

Mrs.Sauers helped with Turkey and Stuffing!
Yes, we used tongs to grab pompoms for our 'stuffing!'

My team was Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream!

This team was 
What Goes In The Soup?
printing practice...

More playing with the Alphabet Soup!

and an impromtu turkey baster race!

Amazing but true...we have ANOTHER member in the 100s Club!  WOW!

This lovely lady brought our Tt Treat:
Tasty Twinkies!

Good Reads this week...

 On Wednesday we created these
 THANKFUL Pumpkins!
 We generated a list of things we were thankful for:
our home
were a few!

We learned a new game today 
called "turkey nose!"
We said a greeting to each other and then tried to be the one who got the tape to stick to their nose!
What a hoot!
pregame taping up!

And now for the week of November 30-December 4

Reading : Letter Bb, sound /b/, beginning sounds, star word 'my'
Math: Number Line
Theme: Polar Lands
Social Studies: People at Work
Science: What Lives in a Meadow?
We need LOTS of milk cartons for building an igloo in our room.  See the note that was sent home as we only need the bottom 1/3.  Thanks!
10 Days of Giving Begins on Tuesday.
A bag will be sent home on Monday.
Please be generous if you can!

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