Friday, December 4, 2015

Week 13 Letter Bb, Sound /b/, Penguins, Polar Bears, Polar Lands


Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely!
Here are a few pics of our nicely balanced long weekend:
4 of my 6 kiddos were home!
 We ate and played games and relaxed!
 and sadly, had to say goodbye to 2 of them for a month or so!

What a fun, fast week!
Monday we began new morning challenges:
Food Groups...

Food Name Puzzles...

Family Numeric Order...

Oh, we had ANOTHER 100 Club Celebration!

Before Thanksgiving break the kiddos won the ABC game to 20 points.
They chose a popcorn and movie party!
 So at snack time we watched 
PBS's Between the Lions
and Tomie DePoala's Stega Nona!

Monday afternoon we created these  free form polar bears (with just a bit of guidance as to where to begin the circles...)

We also made these cutie patooties with Mrs.Sauers...

Tuesday was PENGUIN day!
We labeled a penguin...

 We unscrambled a penguin sentence...

We looked at the difference between 
non-fictional and fictional penguins...

We generated a list of penguin facts!

 And our centers were 
PENGUIN themed!
Here we are measuring penguins using ice blocks...

We had a read the room center finding color word penguins...

This one is missing numeral penguins...

 and finally PENGUIN EGGS
beginning sounds!

As you already know, we need TONS of milk jugs for our igloo...thanks for washing, cutting, and sending them in!
(page down for our igloo as it is growing!)
 it starts out small...
We have many new things out in our 
The Gingerbread Village is a hit...

My favorite the GINGERBREAD BAKE SHOP is open!

 Puzzles are always a hit!
 Ms. Michelle, our school nurse, presented a lovely lesson on handwashing on Wednesday!
 Ms. Michelle gave us "germs" which we tried to wash off with soap and water.
We learned the proper way to wash hands...

 This machine showed us the "germs" we missed!

 Yep, 20 seconds with soap before going into the rinse phase is the trick to killing germs!

Wednesday afternoon we created these educational snowpeople with our LAST NAMES!

More "new" toys...Word World Animals!
 The Discovery table is a WINTER WONDERLAND!
 More Gingerbread Village play...

 More Bakery Imagination!

See how big the igloo is growing!

 Thursday's new Morning Challenges included:
Penguin Numeric Order...

 Penguin 3 piece number puzzles...

 Penguin Missing Number...

Here is our first 2 Gingerbread Family Projects!

Oh, Happy Day!
We were scientists making SNOW!
Here we are ready for the experiment to begin...

 Finally we got to mix the water with the special polymer that changed into 
fluffy white cool SNOW!  
(fake snow, but cool none-the-less!)



3 More Family Projects!

Thursday's Centers included:
Penguin vs Polar Bear Greater Number...

 Miss Anna's last day and her last station was 
Polar Bear Tallies...

Walrus ABC Missing Letter...

Wants vs. Needs:

Earlier in the week we read the beautiful book called Raven.
These kiddos chose to create a mosiac!

 Hey, This looks like a fun station....
 Oh, It's a snowman making station!
 Really cute!

Good Reads this week...

Wow! We learned how to cut snowflakes on Friday!  It is just like magic!

And now for the week of December 7-11:
Reading: Letter Nn, sound /n/, beginning sounds
Math: Number lines
Science: What are Earth's Materials?
Social Studies: Saving
BIG NEWS: 10 Days of Giving continues this week
BOOK ORDERS are due on Tuesday
We will need TONS more milk jugs.
Thanks for saving, cutting, and sending them in!

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