Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 Week 13 letter Tt, Star word 'we', Thanksgiving leftovers, family, penguins, and polar bears!

On a sad note, 
my dad is quickly fading with brain cancer. 
I've been leaving school most nights just after the buses depart to sit with him,
 first at Gunderson,
 now at the nursing home outside of Sparta. 
I apologize if it takes me awhile to respond to calls/emails. 
Thanks for understanding.

On a happier note, my hubby and I were  fortunate to see The Moscow Ballet perform
The Nutcracker 
in Rochester on Monday evening.
I actually won the tickets on KTTC!
And now for our fun, educational, fast week...  
Wow! We had 3 kiddos make the 100s club this week!  Impressive!

 Miss Brittany joined us all day on Monday from WSU. She is practicing to be a teacher! Good luck, Brittany!
  We also had many 'thanksgiving leftovers' on Monday including a turkey dice game, where food comes from activity, turkey shoots and ladders, and turkey bump game!

Monday afternoon we created these glyphs
(data represented by pictures)
on who lives in our home:

I always wonder how accurate the kids relate this info to me! I did use recent homework about number of brother and sisters in their family, so that helps a little!

 Tuesday's morning challenges included:
PB and J beginning sounds...
 food puzzles...

  numeric order sandwiches...
 Here's our latest birthday boy!
  Our 'oodles of noodles' discovery table is so much yummy fun!
  The rice and beans are fun to search through as well!
  Tuesday's centers included:
Family dot numeral recognition...

 'at' family dice game...

  Family tallies...

  and family beginning sounds...

  On Wednesday we created these adorable fictional penguins...

Thursday's centers included ice cube measuring...

(Sorry, the group photo did not turn out)

Penguin color words...

Wants vs needs...

Polar Bear and Penguin greater than review...

Here's a few of our new winter stations:

Good reads...

And now for the week of December 5-9:

Reading: letter Cc, star word 'a', segmenting words
Math: number lines
Social studies: long ago vs today
Please continue to send in the bottom 1/3 of plastic milk cartons. Our igloo is growing!

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