Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 Week 14 Letter Cc, star word 'a', GINGERBREAD!!!

Here's a few pics from last Friday's new morning challenges:
Polar Bear Sentences...

 Icy ABC reverse!

 Polar Bear Numeric Order...

 Mrs. Gatzlaff helped the kiddos create little gingerbread people for this week's centers.

 Oh, yes, this is my favorite week of the year...
 Yep, we actually mix, roll, cut out, and bake cookies in the classroom!  
The aroma is delicious!

 We also have a new gingerbread village to play with!
 Our morning message was so cute!

 We love all these gingerbread reading activities!
 Look at how our igloo is growing!
 Keep sending in your milk jugs (bottom third only) 
 The Kindergarten Bakery is now open!
What great dramatic fun!

 On Tuesday we created and wrote about gingerbread houses...


 Tuesday's centers included:
Decorating and eating our gingerbread cookies from Monday's baking day!

 We also played a dice game with the 
~an family...

We used those little gingerbread men we created on Friday to use in this station: Kindergarten Friends!

 and our last station was gingerbread less than/greater than...

 Wednesday's new morning challenges included:
Gingerbread sentences...

 Gingerbread counting by 5s...
Gingerbread one to one correspondence

This clever kid brought cookies for our Cc treat!
Thank you!
 Here are our first 3 Gingerbread Family Projects!

We took out our box of foam pieces for the kiddos to build with! Wow! I am quite impressed with these structures!


 More free time fun!

Wednesday afternoon creations:
Gingerbread houses from paper bags and milk cartons!

  Thursday's centers included:
Brain break play do fun...cookie dough scented!

  Gingerbread beginning sounds...
  Gingerbread houses one to one..

  Gingerbread ways to make 10...

  Here's a few more family projects! Cute!
  We created these adorable word family cookies!

  Earlier in the week we graphed how we begin to eat a gingerbread cookie...heads won!

 A few more gingerbread family projects rolled in on Friday! Adorable! 
 I sent extras home for the kiddos 
who still need to do theirs.

Good Reads:

And now for the week of December 12-16...
Reading: Letter Pp, Star word 'to', 
Math: comparing numbers
Theme: Christmas Themes
Big News: Our Polar Express party is on 
Thursday, December 22.  
The kiddos can wear their pajamas 
to school that day!
Please remember tennis shoes for phy.ed.

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