Friday, February 17, 2017

2017 Week 23 Letter Gg, Valentines, our actual 100 day

Thank you for all the birthday and Valentines treats!
You folks are sooo generous!

I spent part of the weekend with these lovely ladies from school...we had a dinner and craft night!
Dinner was at Buzzard Billy's in LaCrosse then we popped across the street for more fused glass fun!

 Monday brought new morning challenges:
Valentine animals counting by 5s...

 Counting on from a larger number...

 Sorting star words...

 The Valentines are rolling in!
Here's mine to my little loves,
 Here's a few more family projects...adorable!
 Just adorable!
 We spent a good part of the morning on Tuesday handing out our Valentines!
 Tuesday's centers included:
Measuring Hearts...

 Snack Table!

 Ordinal Number Hearts...

 Valentines Playdo!


February 14th was also our 99th day of K!
Look at that cool abacus...9 sets of 10 with 9 ones.
Only ONE left over! 
 This guy brought Goldfish and Gummy worms for our Wednesday Letter Snack...
 Ms. Boehmer will be with us every Wednesday morning.
She is a Winona State education major!
Welcome, Ms. Boehmer!
 She worked with a few kiddos on counting on.
 Wednesday was our actual 100th day of K!
The kids practiced making 100s with our snack...
 We had a lot of fun reading The Wolf's Chicken Stew and then finding the 100 chicks he befriended!

 This lucky duck found the 100th chick!

 We also shared our 100 day gorp!
Most of the kiddos brought 100 of some small food that we tossed together and shared....MMMMmm!
 This guy was our 100th leader!
 Ms. Amy and Ms.Karen helped the kiddos measure the hearts we created.

 Snack time in the afternoon was a time for more impromptu 100 snacks!

 This smartie joined the 100 club on the 100th day!
That is style!
 So, these little learners wanted to build 101s on our 101st day of school at snack time!  Wow!

 Thursday's centers included:
using pan balances...

Brain Break playdo...

 Rolling and comparing big numbers...
  Thinking about weight...

 Our pan balances are a hit at choice time!
 Good reads this week...
And now for the week of February 20-23:
Reading: middle sounds, letter Rr
star words: will, be, into, that, your, who
Math: patterns in numbers
Theme: America the Beautiful!
No school Friday, February 24 Presidents' Day observation
(1st-12th is IN session)

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