Friday, April 7, 2017

2017 Week 30 Mud Worms Robins and Chickens!

With Spring weather finally here to stay (?)
please remember to send boots with your child until the playground is no longer wet or muddy.
 It was nice to see so many of you at the Fools' Five Race!
 Monday started with new morning challenges:
Sorting Seasons...

Raindrop Subtraction

And weather sentences...
(Sorry I forgot to take an up close pic of the sentences)
This week we've been looking at MUD!
We wrote with it and painted with it!


We even read about it!
We've been learning about magic e
(Silent e)
Here's our poetry journal for this week...
Wake up Spring!
We also made some
Rockin' Robins

Tuesday was Worm Day!
We've learned so much about these understated creatures!

Tuesday's centers included:
Creating and eating worm pudding!

Creating two digit numbers...
Reading and graphing all of our star words!

And putting cards in numeric order...

This cutie brought Hh heart cookies from Hyvee for our letter snack!

Ms. G helped the kiddos create these hungry robins eating a worm...oh, wait, the worm can pull back! Who's going to win? Only your k kid knows!

We began our farm unit on Wednesday by learning about chickens.
We made these nice cozy hens to decorate our wall!

Thursday morning's new morning challenges were:
Short e word puzzles...
Counting by 10s all the way to 200!

And sorting some of our trickier star words...aren't those bunnies cute?

We created these cutie patootie hens!
I love love love them!
The kiddos enjoy digging carefully for worms at the science table.

We've also been learning about money and identifying coins. Thanks for sending in the baggie with the coins. We looked at them closely on Thursday and promptly returned them to you.
K kids should recognize and know the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.

Here are Thursday's centers...
What's in the Egg
Beginning and ending sounds...

 Chickie Vowel Sounds...
 Chicken Unscramble the Star Words...

 Hen and Eggs
One more and one less...
 Lots of good reads this week...
 We've a few beautiful rainbow family projects in...keep sending them! This is our last one of the year!

And now for the week of April 10-13
Reading: short o and short e word families
review all star words
Math: continue with money
Theme: rabbits and eggs
Early Dismissal ~April 13 at 1:00
Spring Break~ Friday, April 14

We will be looking for
parent volunteers to
Zollman Zoo /Oxbow Park near Byron on Friday, May 26 9:30 or so until 2:30.
More info coming soon...

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