Thursday, April 13, 2017

2017 Week 31 Eggs, Chicks, and Bunnies!

Really big news:
 The last day of school had been changed to Thursday, June 1 due to summer construction!

Hope you enjoyed the lovely weekend.
We took the dogs to the Whitewater Wildlife Preserve...what a beautiful place!
 Bonus, it's easy to access!
 We've also nearly finished a bathroom redecorating project...a mermaid theme!
This short week is a review week.
The kids reviewed 24 star words just from the last 4 weeks. Wow!  
By the end of kindergarten they'll have upwards of 100 words! Some kids are working on category words like numbers, days of the week, family and also contractions like didn't, couldn't, can't...Wow!
 This smarty is trying to balance as many plastic eggs together as she can...a challenge!  I believe the record is 20!
 The smartboard is always a good choice time activity!
 We learned all about eggs on Monday and Tuesday. We learned that animals that laid eggs are called oviparous, and non egg layers are called nonoviparous. Great words!
 We painted bunnies to decorate with!
 Cutie patotie!
 Here's a fantastic rainbow family project...
 Keep sending them in!  
This is our last one for this school year.

Tuesday's morning challenges included:
Counting by 5 bunnies...
 Real/Silly words...

 Spring sentences...

 Oh, doesn't this look like fun?
 The kiddos made tiny Easter baskets and even packed them with candy!  We'll have an egg hunt on Thursday, then the kiddos can take them home.
 I just love the quality of with the k kids are giving me this time of year!
 Tuesday's centers included:
Egg missing number on a hundreds chart...

 Measuring with jelly beans...

 Bunny number words...

 Spring words pokey pin...
 Look how cute these bunnies are on their home journey!

I just love this old time project!
"My little yellow duck
Is really quite funny
for when you turn him over..."
 "He's the EASTER BUNNY!"

 We created these adorable little chicks this week.
We also wrote a chick fact!
What artists and scientists!

 Here's a few more rainbow family projects!

And now for the week of April 17-21:
Reading: letter Uu, plural s
Star words: only, just, little, went, down, do
Math: Clocks and Time
Science: What can we see in the sky?
Really big news: the last day of school had been changed to Thursday, June 1 due to summer construction

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