Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week 13: Letter Tt, "like", and Families

Don't you just love PINTEREST?
Here is a new family themed project from that great site:

During choice time this smartie was pounding out words!
Can you see 'zoo'?

Our Wednesday treat was Tt Teddy Grahams...YUMMY!

Morning challenges are getting a bit tougher!
This was short a words:

Another challenge was matching tallies to tens frames.

Centers this week were some new fun activities:
POKEY PIN was a favorite!
The kiddos have to poke a pin into a shape.
We used numerals this week...

This center was writing about the places
we like to go!
Mall of America was a popular one!

We try to incorporate a brain break area most weeks.
Soooo, we used the sparkly space playdo on more time before
we packed it away!

Mrs. Benke is helping with CD SPINNER STAR WORDS.
This was so much fun as we spun the cd's on a marker,
waited for it to stop and read the word the arrow pointed to.

We also LOVED the top spin center:
round and round the top spins,
then we record the word the top landed on.

Here is a good pic  of the CD SPINNER center:


More writing about places...
Tanner likes to go to CABELAS.

More spinning tops....

More CD Spinners:

Not only did we learn about our families this week,
but we also learned about color families:

During group time we focused on sorting by sounds...

These kiddos solved our turkey puzzle one last time...

Can you believe we are in DECEMBER already?

Week of December 3-7
Reading: Letter Bb, sound for /b/, star word 'my', blending sounds
Math: Comparing Numbers
Theme: Gingerbread
Science: What lives in a pond?
Social Studies:Community Homes

Here is the newest member of our home:
She is a very sweet house bunny...

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