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Week 14: Letter Bb, star word 'my', and GINGERBREAD!

First things first...the kiddos LOVED this site:
Have fun!

Oh, this is my favorite week of the year!
We spent the entire 5 days baking, eating, measuring, counting, graphing, smelling, and tasting GINGERBREAD!

Here are some of the Gingerbread Family Projects...Nice!

We tasted  Pepperidge Farms Gingerbread on Monday.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the little IKEA napkins!
We had to take just ONE bite, then make our paper gingerbread look just like the real cookie.
Then we graphed the data:
Which Part Of The Cookie Do You Bite First?
 Heads won!  They usually do!
Here we are getting ready to bite our cookie....

Centers this week were all GINGERBREAD themed:
This one is missing number....

This one is beginning sounds....
Some kiddos are confident enough to write the whole word!

The kids LOVED this one called
Gingerbread Friends!
Plus when we were done we used the gingerbread friends as a bulletin board!

Brain Break table was the gingerbread playdo!
This smelled sooooo good!
And it looks soooo real!

This area is the Gingerbread ABC search!
Find a letter, circle it on the sheet, and print it!

Oh, this was fun!
For years I have had a gingerbread village at home.
My hubby's dad had to move in with us last Spring so 
we no longer have room for it.
It works perfectly at school.
Everyone LOVES it!
And the kiddos are very gentle with it...nice!

Didn't you just adore these cutie little pins
the kiddos put together?
Me, too!

This is some of that great gingerbread playdo
in action!

OHHHH....This was so AWESOME!
This is  dough from IKEA...gingerbread dough!
The K kids cut out their own cookie....
We put them in a pan....

And cooked them in the roaster!

You would not believe how good our room smelled!
This delicious aroma filled the whole school!

We are also building an igloo!
Just the base is together...20 down and 80 to go!
Pictures coming soon!

These friends are snuggled up in the snow tent.
It is a comfy spot to read!

Gingerbread Village in action....

We also practiced our star words...
The kiddos are doing quite well with these!
We'll be adding 2 more every 3 weeks.

We also practiced our last names.
This is a second quarter skill...keep practicing!

Oh My!  Another favorite area 
(and brand new!)
The Bake Shoppe
in the dramatic play area!

Everything looks so real!!!!

Eat the gingerbread boy before he runs away!

More family projects....

This beautiful puzzle was a morning challenge...

ABC order was another...

And finally, uppercase lowercase matching!

Thursday's Centers were also
(you guessed it)
This fun one was counting objects out of the
gingerbread houses.
One to 20 is our focus!

This station was looking at words, reading them, 
and sorting them by number of letters...

This gingerbread man was a dice game...
roll the -an family word
These are all words your kiddo should be able to sound out

This rich looking station was greater than...
Oh! So pretty! And such good brain building...
The kiddos counted the jewels, recorded,
and circled the greatest!

Whenever we have to search for pieces in a center,
the kids really seem to LOVE them.
This one is finding a gingerbread 10s frame
and then recording the number word!
Looks like Justin found a 3...

Mrs. Benke helps us read our words!

I focused on the two Math stations...

The Chart for the morning was all about 

Oh, this looks like fun!
The kiddos got to decorate one to take home!
Fun and cute!

Okay, this is upside down but
the idea was to sort those tricky similar letters:
The kiddos did a nice job!

We've been talking about 
Describing words!
We used describing words to tell about

More pics of the Bakery Shoppe

And the gingerbread village

the gingerbread family projects!
Thanks for working so hard on them!

Weren't the jingle bell gingerbread projects cute?
We made those instead of a morning challenge on Friday.
They are another leftover project from last year's
Wonderful Wednesday program. 

One final Gingerbread project...
a very messy, very large
GINGERBREAD man for the hallway!
 We used a special frosting:
equal parts Elmer's glue
shaving cream and white paint.

Here are some of the versions of
The Gingerbread Man that we read:
Gingerbread BabyGingerbread FriendsThe Gingerbread Girl Gingerbread Cowboy The Gingerbread Family: A Scratch-and-Sniff Book
The Gingerbread Pirates Gingerbread Man 
Ask your kiddo which was his/her favorite!

Here's our line up for this week in Kindergarten:
Reading/Language Arts: Letter Nn, star words 'like' 'my'
Math: Comparing Numbers
Theme: Polar Animals, People,and Lands
Science: What Lives is a Meadow?
Social Studies: People have needs and wants

BIG NEWS: Please send a dollar or two for upcoming projects and our 1st Annual Polar Express party
 (more info later)

The Kindergarten Winter Concert is 
Monday, December 17th at 1:00.
Your child is free to leave for the day after the concert. Please check in with your child's teacher before leaving!

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