Friday, December 14, 2012

Week 15 Letter Nn, Inuit Culture, Polar Animals

Oh what a fast busy week!
With our 2 hour delay on Monday, 
it seems we played catch up most of the week...

Here are some favorite books we read this week:
Raven Mama, Do You Love Me? Penguins! (National Geographic Readers Series) Polar Bear Alert
The penguin and polar bear books are samples of the many nonfiction books we read this week.

We played a gingerbread letter and word recognition game.
These kiddos really are becoming readers!

We enjoyed a few more morning challengs
with the gingerbread theme...

This week began our polar lands mini unit.
Here two smarties are modeling how to build a sentence about penguins.  We look for clues....a capital letter at the beginning and ending punctuation to finish.
Nice job, girls!

The gingerbread village continues to be a favorite place for a brain break!
 As does "gingy" as a reading buddy!

The snow table is still tons of wintery fun!

And of course, the Kindergarten Bakery!
Here the boys made an M&M cake...MMMMM!

As you know from the note home,
those pesky little lice have made an appearance in our k classrooms.
Sooooo.....I took home all the rest towels and rest buddies and gave them all a HOT DRYER treatment!
If you notice those little critters at your home,
please treat your k kid. Wash all bedding and stuffed animals
(or store outside in a bag for 2 weeks...they need a food source to lice!)
Your child DOES NOT need to miss school because of lice.

Tuesday and Thursday both were polar animal themed:
Missing number penguins....

Feeding the Penguins counting to 20....

Color Word Penguins...

A few more family projects ...nice!

Penguin Number Words Search Center...

And (my favorite for Tuesday) Penguin Eggs
Beginning Sounds...

Here's a few pics of centers in action.....

This is what the kids CHOOSE to do at 

They also build sentences!

Thursday Centers:
Brain Break time....snow!
Recipe: 1 bottle shaving cream
2 small containers of corn starch
1 bag of fake sparkly snow
a few drops of peppermint oil

It is sooooo wonderfully messy
but it really cleans up nicely!

Number Lines
(we will build several of these during the year,
each attempt will get closer and closer to the real thing!)

Polar Bear VS Penguin Greater Number....

Walrus Missing Letter (ABC ordering)

Polar Bear Count the Tallies....

Centers in action......

What you cannot see from this picture is
which story won by a land slide...
We read 6 different stories about gingerbread.
We have never ever had such a gap in our numbers!
Gingerbread Baby had 3 votes, the rest had NONE.
We also watched as I showed how to make
gingerbread paper dolls!

Another favorite of our K Scientists is the 
HAS CAN IS (or ARE) charts....

Hope you are enjoying the TIME for kids that we bring home most Fridays.  There is usually an activity for your child to do with you at home.  Have fun discovering with your K Kid!  
She/He may return their completed one for a sticker pick.

And finally, our igloo is growing but we can make it BIGGER!
Thank you to all who can send in the bottom 1/3 if your milk/juice/or water cartons.
through December.
A nice sized igloo has 100 blocks in it at least!

Week of December 17-21 
Reading: Short a, review all letters and sounds
Math: Christmas themed and review AIMSWEB skills
Social Studies: Christmas around the world
Science: Snow themes (to be continued in January)

BIG NEWS: The Kindergarten Winter Concert is
 MONDAY, DECEMBER 17th at 1:00.
You are free to take your child with you when the concert if finished, meet us in our rooms to pick up your child.


OUR 1st Annual POLAR EXPRESS party is FRIDAY!!!!
Please see the note about wearing pajamas on that day!

ALSO with wintery weather and the myriad of snow clothes it brings, please LABEL EVERYTHING from boots to mittens to hats to snow pants!  The lost and found is already HUGE!


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