Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 21 LOTS OF BAD WEATHER, the letter Ff, star word 'and', wrap up Chinese New Year, begin Groundhogs!

Oh, My Goodness!
What a stormy, icy, snowy week!
Contrary to popular belief, 
most teachers dislike late starts, there is so much to cover
we just seem to never really catch up.
Our K Team particularly dislikes late starts 
as we also lose our prep time! don't really appreciate something until you
get a chance to miss it...and we missed 3 last week!
Ok...enough fussing because I do really LOVE LOVE LOVE
the snow!
Especially that beautiful diamond sparkly snow we have been getting!
Yay, Minnesota!

Here are a few books we read during our short week....

We have been practicing listening to the sounds we hear in words.
This activity focused on where the /f/ sound was.
Nice job listening to the /f/ /f/ /f/ sounds, kiddos!

Only one day of centers this week.
Here is Chinese Zodiac Animals tens frames....

We have been working on Social Studies to us this year!
This one is contrasting long ago and today...

I love this cutie pie center!
The kiddos took turns drawing numbers from a 
Chinese take out container and then 
dotting the number.
Cooperative fun at its finest!

This kiddo has found ALL of the Chinese New Year
Zodiac animals...quite a feat in our little bit of time for 
each station!

These fellows are working together to fill in 
their cute pandas!

Here is a new skill...counting by 10's!

And this station is all about practicing
printing those Chinese New Year Animals!

What a fun brain break we had!
Those Chinese New Year Zodiac charts
were fun sticker activities.

Here's some more searchers looking for those animals....

On Friday we began our Groundhog's Activities.
It looks like Punxsutawny Phil DID NOT
see his shadow as we predicted!
Nice....Spring is just around the corner...about 6 weeks away!
Oh, Yes...These little cuties are adorning our wall!

February 4-8
Reading: Letter Pp, sound for /p/, quotation marks, ending sounds
Math: Measurement...ordering by length
Theme: Groundhogs and Shadows, and 100 DAY!!!!
Social Studies: Family History
Science: How Does the Land Change?
BIG NEWS:  Our 100 Day Celebration is still on for Thursday!
Have a great week!

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